Bangalore, Karnataka, India – Business Wire India ApnaComplex, a Pioneer in the World of PropTech Company Management, Wins Best Proptech ERP Solution of the Year 21 – 22 for its Unique Enterprise Management ERP Platform community and society at the Realty+ PropTech Awards Ceremony this Friday, February 10, 2022.

Shajai Jacob, MD & Country Head, ApnaComplex and CEO, GCC for ANAROCK, who received the award, said, “ApnaComplex is the most unique ERP platform adopted by over 600,000 households in over 6,000 communities and companies in India and internationally. The power of the platform is such that it offers unparalleled services, features and modules by automating all the bespoke needs of these communities – thereby delivering exemplary value and experience by creating unparalleled traction among its database. users. This award is a testament to the effort and genius of the team behind ApnaComplex, as well as the trust placed in us by our users. The PropTech Excellence Awards by Realty+ are known for facilitating innovation, solutions and exceptional PropTech initiatives in the real estate industry. It recognizes and honors the best solutions and innovations in the Indian real estate technology sector. Several bigwigs from the PropTech industry, both Indian and foreign, took part in the virtual event. To only cite a few; Vivek Agarwal (Co-Founder & CTO, Square Yards), Amit Agarwal (Founder & CEO –, Aryaman Vir (Founder & CEO – MYRE Capital), Pankaj Kapoor (Founder & Managing Director, LaisesForas Real Estate Rating & Research Pvt. Ltd.), Amit Gehlot (Founder and CEO, graced the ceremony with their presence.

ApnaComplex is one of India’s largest and fastest growing PropTech disruptors – an all-encompassing company ERP platform that offers unparalleled services, solutions and conveniences to multiple households, corporations, communities and members of the management committee it empowers across India and globally. Headquartered in Bangalore, the cutting-edge platform intelligently powers over 80 cities through an innovative blend of remote technology – SaaS deployment as well as on-the-ground sales and support.

The organization is propelled forward in a momentum of accelerated growth by its best-in-class human capital in custom ERP solutions, business development and sales, customer success, retention, product and service teams. cutting-edge engineering and revenue monetization, led by an unparalleled layer of leadership and the most capable minds in the country. Add to this the unwavering support of ANAROCK Group and its various operating units, which has ensured that ApnaComplex’s journey to reach new heights in the company’s management space is definitive.

ApnaComplex has also pioneered its presence and activities in the GCC region, operating through a dedicated team based in Dubai under the ANACITY brand, and working with Dubai Land Governance as well as various landlord associations to to provide high-end condominium management solutions. The uniqueness of the offering was such that ANACITY, in its very first year of operation, garnered much praise and public accolades.

The ApnaComplex portfolio: • Complete ERP platform for the company • Billing and accounting • Visitor management • Digital maintenance billing and collections for gated communities to offer a holistic ERP solution. ApnaComplex has embarked on a path to success armed with its smart play in the backcountry of gated community living, interspersed with appropriate home service solutions. The journey is arduous but full of initiative, innovation and excitement. And pushing it forward is the holy grail to become the unparalleled and most distinguished provider of these services not only in India but globally. To view the image, click the link below: ApnaComplex Substantiated for Distinguished Solutions for Gated Societies PWR PWR

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ApnaComplex wins the prize for the best ERP solution for community and societal management


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