The Association of Promotional Products Specialists of Nigeria has reaffirmed its desire to strengthen the direction and standards of the association.

It also elected new officers to manage the affairs of the association after the term of the last officer expired.

According to the statement, he reaffirmed the goal of improving member businesses, setting standards of sustainable business practices for all stakeholders, and influencing legislative and regulatory action by keeping policy makers aware of issues and concerns. of its industry.

The new APPSON Executive Board will be led by the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Queensbridge Nigeria Limited, Ms. Abiola Sanni, as Chairperson.

Speaking about the task at hand, the new President, Ms. Sanni, said: “My team has been equipped with many tools for the task ahead.

“We have in abundance our collective desires, love and commitment to building a thriving promotional products industry that will elevate the growth and development of members and stakeholders together; An industry that will contribute to the larger Nigerian economy as a whole.

“Our mantra shows that at APPSON, we aspire to be an association focused on excellence, an innovative and creative association that contributes to the growth of our company as we build our business.”

Outgoing President Ms. Ngozi Nzegwu said, “I believe the best way to predict the future is to create it.

“As the African continent prepares for the African Continental Trade Zone, now is the time to grow APPSON by harnessing the immense in-house talents and skills of our members and attracting quality members for exponential growth.


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