iPhone prices have skyrocketed since January 2022, when the previous PTI government imposed a 17% tax on imported cellphones costing $200 and more in the mini budget. But high prices have not stopped young people in Karachi from buying iPhone 13 Pro Max, the latest and most expensive model of Apple mobile phones.

Shoaib Hassan, owner of a mobile phone shop in Sadar district of Karachi, said a J . news: “Most of the time, I get iPhone 13 Pro Max orders from younger customers because they prefer faster mobiles for gaming and browsing.”

Hassan, whose store is located in the Amma Tower Mobile Mall, sold out two sets of iPhones in less than 10 days in May.

Mohamed Rahim, 23, a customer who was considering buying the latest iPhone model, thinks Apple’s cellphone works great, as well as being a status symbol. “I feel proud when I show my iPhone 12 Pro to my friends. They also show interest in looking at my cell phone.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Price List in Pakistan

Below is the official price list of iPhone 13 Pro Max in Pakistan, excluding Pakistan Telecom Authority fees, according to Mercantile, the official iPhone distributor in many countries.

  • 125 GB 301,200 rupees
  • 256 GB
  • 512 GB 370 500 rupees
  • 1 TB 416,300 rupees

Registration fees for imported cell phones

The PTA charges Rs 72,899 and Rs 86,000 to register an imported mobile phone with Passport and CNIC respectively.

A breakdown of current iPhone prices

Current price = iPhone price + INR 51899 + Rs 34,000 duty


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