New Delhi [India], December 23 (ANI / SRV): Roopayur, an inspiring and promising start-up, is currently considering possibilities for expansion abroad. Incubated by CIIE.CO Smart Seed and built at the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad, the skin care startup has been able to expand to a pan-Indian level with the existing product line.

Roopayur was established in January 2021 and has become a pioneer in beauty and personal care by focusing its operations and product line in the personalized skin care space. There aren’t many brands that offer all-natural beauty and skin care products that are tailored to each customer’s skin type.

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Gangotri Singh, the mastermind behind Roopayur, is also a practicing lawyer and skin science expert. She personally manages the production process, ensuring the quality of the products that are developed by a team of veterans in the field.

Although the markets are inundated with beauty and skin care products from hundreds of national and international brands, the personalized delivery of the benefits of these products is minimal. This void in the market has been effectively filled by Roopayur with its exceptional line of personalized skin care products that perfectly meet the needs of each skin.

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Roopayur’s line of skin care products received exceptionally positive feedback and responses from customers within a short period of time, which encouraged the founders to branch out into India. Currently, the brand is receiving overwhelming demand in some of the major countries like United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada etc. which are honored by the founders with the expansion to move globally.

In addition to customer satisfaction in large numbers, the brand also achieved more than 2 crore in turnover and more than 30,000 registered customers with a satisfaction rate of 100%. Customers would have started to notice the benefits from the first use and significant positive changes in just two weeks.

Roopayur’s fully organic, handmade, chemical-free skin care products are the exception in markets dominated by artificial skin care products. Roopayur also contributes to sustainability by not using any type of chemical sulfates and parabens in its products.

Apart from that, all of Roopayur’s products have their ingredients and formula derived from Ayurveda and come with the most suitable products to nourish the skin. Roopayur also acts as a one-stop solution to all skin care issues faced by individuals by offering a variety of products that appeal to hair, face, skin, etc.

These handmade products are able to protect your skin from harmful elements such as pollutants and nourish it thanks to their unique formula. As all products will be offered strictly based on the skin type and nature of the individual, there is no chance of side effects.

In addition to Roopayur’s personalized product offerings, its growth as a brand in a market characterized by fierce competition is remarkable. This inspiring journey of the brand as a startup aging less than a year to become one of the nation’s most in-demand beauty and skincare products is indeed the fire behind the overseas expansion. .

Roopayur has also recently expanded its product line, with its new line of anti-acne facial cleansers, Bacne oil, healing combos, and more. To cater to a wider audience, Roopayur has always been careful to offer its products at a very affordable price. and making them easy to use.

All of Roopayur’s products are certified by AYUSH, the Government of India, and by GMP, the World Health Organization. In addition, a portion of the profits from each sale of a product is donated to NGOs to educate the future of the nation.

Roopayur is not just any startup that solves a problem in an innovative way, but a startup that continues to inspire like-minded entrepreneurs and even society with its sustainability goals and wellness initiatives.

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