NEW DELHI: The company’s management apps plan to enter more Tier 2 cities in 2021 after the pandemic forced people in small towns to use technology to manage residential projects.

MyGate and NoBrokerHood have made plans for the year as they see traction for their apps in gated communities.

“We expect to cover 10 million households by the end of this year compared to 2.5 million households currently,” said Abhishek Kumar, COO of MyGate. “Residents now use the app for maintenance of all community finance books, in addition to using daily check-in and check-out functionality.”

The company said that apart from metropolitan cities, it will focus on Kochi, Surat, Raipur, Lucknow and Jaipur among other cities.

“MyGate has been able to help gated communities manage their finances. MyGate’s ERP solution has grown rapidly during the pandemic. The platform has seen bills worth over Rs 100 regenerated per month, indicating massive adoption of the technology platform for managing gated community finances,” Kumar said.

NoBrokerHood, a company management app from, said it is set to launch its services in 50 new cities over the next six months.

“The app’s surge in adoption during the viral outbreak and subsequent lockdowns highlight its relevance in the ‘new normal’. Our decision to expand its geographic presence is based on this strong reception” , said Amit Agarwal, CEO and co-founder of

NoBroker has set aside Rs 150 crore for its expansion plans.

App features such as contactless entry, using facial recognition to detect residents and frequent visitors such as domestic helpers, drivers and other staff, have helped companies minimize contact physical.

Experts say renters and landlords are ready to go digital after the pandemic.


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