A virtual Silver-Jubilee Symposium of Strategic Management Forum event was held on Friday with six principals from IIM and other prominent business schools discussing the program.

Through the symposium, which was moderated by a renowned business leader and management guru, Professor Arun Aditya Sahay, Dean of Research at BIMTECH in Greater Noida, directors of IIMs and early B schools called more efforts in collaborative and creative management education, while also focusing on the National Education Policy (NEP), a joint case-writing and open-access publishing initiative launched as part of “The Alliance of Education for Sustainable Development”.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Rishikesh Krishnan, Director of IIM-Bengaluru, pointed out that to make the research relevant, one has to select the research topic in such a way that the outcome is not just limited to knowledge conceptual, but also has a practical use for industry. and organizations. He noted that research rigor and relevance should not be seen as a mutually exclusive dimension.

Director of IIM Nagpur, Prof. Bhimaraya Metri highlighted the need for higher publishing standards in India to promote relevant knowledge and quality journals instead of relying on other countries. He added that effective management training is essential for sustainable development.

The Director of the Anand Institute of Rural Management (IRMA), Prof. Umakant Dash, pointed out that not understanding the true purpose of research can create difficult situations both in terms of quality and relevance of results, while adding that it is important in management research to transfer knowledge to practice.

Professor Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director of IIM-Sambalpur, emphasized that learning design for high level learning outcomes should be done through application-oriented research. He highlighted the need for research on classroom learning.

The Director of IIM Trichy, Prof. Pawan Kumar Singh suggested the need for continuous innovation in management research methodology and felt the need to promote and integrate the Indian knowledge system in the multidisciplinary field of the management.

Prof. Wolfgang C. Amann, Professor and Academic Program Director at HEC-Paris, Doha, recommended that research be understood at the individual, institutional and societal levels to make it effective. He called for moving from knowledge to practical wisdom.

Professor Shiv K Tripathi, Vice-Chancellor of Atmiya University (Rajkot), has announced a collaborative case-writing and publishing initiative under the Educational Alliance for Sustainable Development. During the inaugural welcome, Professor Tripathi mentioned the need for inter-institutional collaborative efforts in research and publication.

The session was also addressed by Prof. Saurabh Pandya, (IIM Nagpur with Prof. Srinivasan Iyengar, JBIMS, University of Mumbai), while the program was anchored by Prof. Reetu Kulshrestha, and the vote of thanks was delivered by the Professor Shalini Rahul.

Other dignitaries such as Prof. Krishna Kumar (Former Director, IIM Kozhikode), Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz (Co-Founder, Humanistic Management Network, Switzerland), Prof. Hitesh Shukla (Sourashtra University, Rajkot), Prof. Kamal Bhowmik (RCM, Bengaluru), and Dr. Vishal Khasgiwala (Dean, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Atmiya University, Rajkot) spoke at the session on Case Writing and Publication Guidance for Professors and students.

Posted: Saturday, January 22, 2022, 4:51 PM IST


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