“GMP” is the abbreviation for Good Manufacturing Practice in English. It is an autonomous management system that pays particular attention to the implementation of product quality, hygiene and safety in the production process. It is a set of mandatory standards applicable to the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It requires enterprises to meet hygienic quality requirements in accordance with relevant national regulations in terms of raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production process, packaging and transportation, quality control quality, etc companies to improve the sanitary environment of the company, find out the problems existing in the production process in time and improve them. In short, GMP requires food production enterprises to have good production equipment, reasonable production process, perfect quality management and strict inspection system to ensure that the end product quality (including food safety and hygiene) meets regulatory requirements. Therefore, 100,000 level GMP workshop refers to the workshop whose cleanliness has reached the 100,000 level pharmaceutical production standard and meets the requirements of GMP quality and safety management system after inspection by the Food and Drug Administration.

So what are the benefits of using a 100,000 level GMP workshop in a food production workshop?

First of all, this kind of workshop has good cleanliness. In general, the workshop is relatively clean, and the concentration of dust and the number of microorganisms in the workshop are relatively low. Food production in such an environment can effectively reduce the likelihood of products being contaminated with dust and microorganisms, thus ensuring food quality. Second, this kind of workshop has appropriate temperature and humidity. Foods such as sugar-free mints and milk tablets have temperature and humidity requirements during the production process, but ordinary production workshops cannot adjust the temperature and humidity well, but the workshop GMP can set the appropriate temperature and humidity, and this Appropriate temperature and humidity Humidity is also an important factor to ensure food quality. Finally, this kind of workshop has the right air pressure. Appropriate air pressure can prevent impure outside air from seeping into the GMP workshop from the space between doors and windows, thus improving food quality. This is also the advantage of GMP workshops, while ordinary production workshops are open and do not have the advantage of air pressure.

For health-related enterprises, the production process is a continuous production process, and quality inspection is mainly an irreversible reaction. Once the raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products and finished products are found to be unqualified, it will often lead to great losses. Therefore, relying on raw materials only Control of auxiliary materials, semi-finished products and finished products is far from sufficient. It is necessary to use total quality management to control the whole production process. Only when the production process is controlled in a stable state, the semi-finished products can go to the next process, and the finished products can be guaranteed as far as possible. GMPs are produced to meet the needs of ensuring the quality management of drug production. This is a system that needs to be implemented in today’s international drug production community. It is the necessary condition and the most reliable method to minimize the possibility of errors, drug mix-ups and various contaminations occurring in the whole drug production process.

From the consumer’s point of view, consumers generally buy a certain food based on their confidence in the quality of the food. Once food safety issues arise, it is very easy for consumers to collapse, and it is also a fatal blow for businesses. Like other creatures, human beings are inseparable from the natural laws of birth, growth, strength, aging and death, but man-made power can promote growth and development, improve fitness, delay aging and even prevent premature death. The key is active prevention and control. Timely treatment was mentioned as early as the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine: “If the wise do not cure disease, he will not cure disease; If the disease occurs, it should be treated as soon as possible to prevent further development of the disease. The health care pathway emphasizes “elimination, regulation and replenishment of prevention”: eliminating excess substances in the body, regulating the balance of the body’s mentality, and supplementing a balanced diet and appropriate, so as to achieve the goal of preventive health care, physical fitness, and longevity. This is the secret of traditional Chinese health preservation. And food hygiene is a solid foundation for health. Therefore, our company’s food safety requirements have always been very strict, adhere to the hygienic requirements of high-level processing, produce high-quality products, and strive to make consumers feel comfortable.

The production workshop of our company adopts the 100,000 level GMP standard to improve the cleanliness of the purification workshop comprehensively, prevent microorganisms from contaminating food, prevent food from mold and deterioration, and extend the shelf life of food. In addition to the standards for the production workshop, the hygiene requirements for production and processing workers are also quite strict: entering the production workshop, they must be fully armed, white and clean work clothes, masks, hair protection caps, shoe covers, etc. In addition, before workers enter the production workshop, they have to go through several procedures such as strict hand cleaning, full body dusting, and 360° sterilization without dead ends.

Therefore, products such as sugar-free mints, milk tablets and bubble tablets produced by our company are produced under high standards and strict production environment, which can guarantee to provide consumers with safe products, hygienic and healthy. At the same time, in order to fully guarantee the stability of product quality, our company also has a multi-pronged approach, and has a corresponding quality inspection station to strictly supervise and inspect product quality and whether workers strictly follow the process implementation standards during the manufacturing process. Quality management is the central link in the management of the company. In addition to continuously adopting high technology and developing new products to meet the new needs of society, we should especially pay attention to improving the quality of products and services in order to expand the market share of products in the country and abroad. In other words, to maintain and improve product quality, we must do a good job of quality management. American quality management expert VE Deming believes that so-called quality management refers to the use of statistical methods at all stages of production in order to produce the most valuable and best-selling products on the market. The interpretation of quality management by the China Quality Management Association is the sum of various activities such as investigation, planning, organization, coordination, control, inspection, processing and information feedback to ensure and improve product quality or engineering quality. Our company’s high standards and strict food safety requirements have been highly recognized both inside and outside the industry, and we have also obtained AEO certification issued by China Customs.

Our company will always maintain this high-level production environment and provide consumers with more delicious and healthier food. If you also want to sell this safe, hygienic, healthy and delicious food, do not hesitate to contact our seller!

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