“Greek society is suffering from the crises caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine, and as long as the chaotic upheaval on the international scene continues, the goal is to preserve stability and security in a chaotic environment,” the door said. – government spokesperson, Yiannis Economou. said Monday during a press briefing.

He said the government was taking both economic and legislative action because it was aware that the repercussions left no one unscathed and it was trying to support everyone according to their needs “with composure and seriousness like a ally”.
Economou stressed that all available tools were being used and new possibilities being created and there was optimism that “we will also succeed in this crisis. As long as we stay focused on the goal and are united. Unity and complementarity are the solution to problems in critical moments.

He pointed out that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had had serious economic and social repercussions in the world and in particular in Europe: “Inflation has already reached its highest level in decades, prices are stabilizing the incomes of households and growth rates are under very strong pressure,” he said. .

He added, however, that the government was acting both at national and European level to reduce the impact of the crisis, which has affected the weakest sections of society more, while detailing the measures taken at national level. since September, with the disbursement of more than 4.0 billion euros (including 1.2 billion euros budgeted in April).

“Measures to support the primary sector, farmers and pastoralists, are a priority as we need to protect and prepare for the food supply repercussions of a protracted crisis,” he said.

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Economou announced that emergency aid in the amount of 200 euros will be distributed to the less financially well-off households on April 20 and 21.

He also added that the fuel subsidy platform will be open within the week for citizens to use.

Referring to the French elections, Economou said that France is a great historic country and defends European values, is an ally of Greece with clear positions and that relations between French President Emmanuel Macron and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis are marked by common points of view and relations initiatives, such as that for the strategic autonomy of Europe.

“We appreciate the fact that the French people have secured Macron’s lead and now the dilemma in the second round will be existential. The French must clearly stand on the side of freedom and democracy,” Economou stressed.



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