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GHAMRO pays royalties to artists

Celestine Donkor smiles at the sums paid by GHAMRO

Kofi Donkor confirms the amounts paid by GHAMRO

GHAMRO pays artists their royalties

Kofi Donkor, the husband of gospel artist, Celestine Donkor, has confirmed receiving ¢11,000 from the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO).

According to a post previewed on Facebook by GhanaWeb, the gospel artist’s husband, confirmed his record label, Donkor Emmanuel Dynamics have received monies owed since they registered with GHAMRO as an artist and publisher.

“On December 23, I posted what I got from GHAMRO in the form of royalties. Through this post, I later got clarification from the GHAMRO administration that what my artist and I got received was the first of three payments we will receive.

“I’m happy to report that at 2:44pm today we received our final payment (see screenshots below). So between my artist and myself we received over 11,000 GHS This is the highest we have ever received as members since we signed with GHAMRO as a collection company,” he said.

Mr. Kofi Donkor thanked the President of Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Rex Omar and his organization for keeping their promise.

“I think it’s only fair that I appreciate the hard work of the GHAMRO administration and board for this. Keep up the good work, we know it can get better!!!” he added.

Stonebwoy, on the other hand, also confirmed that he received four times the amount paid to him by GHAMRO.


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