Question: You mention accepting the lateral flow test there, it’s another option for fans who can’t prove their vaccine status – right?

GP: If you cannot, for whatever reason, show proof of double vaccination on the NHS app or website, you can perform a lateral flow test. However, from the Arsenal game on Boxing Day what isn’t accepted is the test bed you pour the liquid into. What you need to do is register your negative COVID-19 test on the NHS website or app. They’ll send you an email or text to tell you it’s negative and you can show that text or email to the COVID marshal on a match day. But it should be taken within 48 hours of assembly, ideally 24 but otherwise 48 hours is acceptable.

Question: What about fans exempt from vaccination?

GP: This fits into two groups – those who are medically exempt. Currently today, a verbal waiver from the supporter is acceptable, but starting on Christmas Day fans can phone 119 and pre-register their waiver and it will come back to them in the form of a letter they can show. on a match day. In the days to come, we understand this will go on a QR code – very similar to the vaccine QR code. In addition, anyone under the age of 18 is exempt from these checks. No need to pre-register if you are under 18 at the moment.

Question: We understand that the pre-registration process is going very well at the moment, but what happens to fans who don’t fill it out from the club’s point of view?

GP: First of all, we urge all fans to fill it out. We want as many fans as possible to fill it out, if they can’t, they can go to the NHS website and request a hard copy of their vaccination code, which will also be accepted on match day. The vast majority of our supporters are by email, so we reach out to all email addresses first. On the following days you will see follow up messages by phone call or SMS, or if we get to this point we will send handwritten letters as well. The default setting is, please pre-register if possible.

Question: You’ve covered a wide range of topics here, but how can fans contact the club if they have more questions?

GP: At the moment, it is via a specific email address that we have configured just for the pre-registration process. It’s [email protected] If you can email there you may not respond immediately, but we have a team in the main Carrow Road office that sift through these emails and try to respond to as many as possible. We try to find themes that if things go wrong then we will upload the answer to our FAQ sheet. Fans can go out there and read about the more obvious things that are wrong, rather than sending an email. Hopefully fewer and fewer emails as more and more people pre-register, but in the time to come when we have fewer and fewer fans that are not pre-registered. , then we can start opening up phone lines and maybe having some personal calls with the fans that aren’t pre-recorded.


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