The district’s consumer forum has fined almost Rs 4 lakh the management of a closed housing company here and its security agency in a case related to a resident’s dog bite.

The Sanjeev Jindal court said Magnolias management and the security agency were fined for a lack of service that caused mental agony to the victim, a girl, and her family. The court also ordered management, including the president of the company, the property manager and the secretary, to pay an additional 9% interest from the date the case was admitted to court and legal costs of approximately 20,000 to fully compensate the victim. According to the complaint filed by Pankaj Aggarwal in September last year, he was living as a tenant at The Magnolias, DLF City, with his family on the first floor.

“As per the rental agreement, I paid Rs 3 lakh as rent and Rs 1 lakh as maintenance fee per month. It was in February 2020 that my daughter Shivi took the elevator to the 22nd floor for meet his uncle On the 10th floor, a servant of Rakesh Kapoor, one of the defendants, entered the elevator with a dog.

“The dog was unchained. He jumped on my daughter and bit her and left her traumatized. The maid left my child there and drove off with the animal. She managed to reach the ‘her uncle’s apartment from where we took her to the hospital. She couldn’t go to school for two weeks, was housebound and traumatized for life,’ reads the complaint.

After hearing the arguments, the consumer court found the six defendants guilty and ordered compensation of Rs 3.80 lakh to the victim. The court said in its order that while the amount of the fine might seem too high to many, it was only three months of company maintenance charges.


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Gurgaon Consumer Court Fines Society Management Rs 4 Lakh Over Dog Bite

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