TOKYO, March 8, 2022 — (JCN Newswire) — Fujitsu today announced plans to solidify its status as a leading digital transformation (DX) company driving DX in both its own businesses and those of its customers. with the aim of creating a sustainable society.

Amid an ever-changing business environment and growing demand for talent with the skills to thrive in the digital age, Fujitsu continues to offer new ways to empower its employees to take ownership of their career development, by improving the mobility of talent across the Group to quickly and optimally assign the right people to the right positions. Fujitsu also offers employees continuous growth opportunities, such as a group-wide assignment program and a system that supports the retraining of their talents. Fujitsu also actively recruits on an ongoing basis through its recent graduate and mid-career recruitment activities.

1. Program to transform talents into “business producers”
Fujitsu has implemented a system to support employees with training programs to increase and change their skills and to visualize the skills of its approx. 8,000 salespeople in Japan, aimed at fostering the development of “business producers” responsible for creating new value in cross-functional sectors, rather than filling vertical and industry-specific sales positions.

Going forward, commercial producers, who are in direct contact with customers, will play a central role in accelerating Fujitsu’s transformation into a DX company.

2. Assign the right people to the right jobs
In fiscal 2020, Fujitsu introduced an employment-based human resources system for all senior-level individuals and a group-wide job posting system that allows group employees at the Japan to accept new positions on their own initiative. In fiscal 2021, approximately 2,000 employees located in Japan were transferred or relocated through this group-wide system.

Fujitsu also supports career diversification by drawing on its expertise and experience to respond to job offers outside the Group, and also offers a support system for employees wishing to change careers outside the Fujitsu Group at their request.

3. Extension of the temporary “self-production support system”
As part of the measures to accelerate the optimal allocation of human resources, Fujitsu extended the existing “Self-Produce Support System”(1), a temporary system to support employees seeking career reorientation outside the Fujitsu Group. As of February 28, 2022, 3,031 employees (full-time employees or rehired through the post-retirement re-employment system) mostly aged 50 or older and employed at Fujitsu or Fujitsu group companies in Japan had applied for this support.

4. Financial impact of the above initiatives
The expansion of the temporary “Self-Production Support System” is expected to involve a one-time expense of 65 billion yen. This charge is recognized in the consolidated financial results for the year ended March 2022. Accordingly, the consolidated guidance for the full year has been revised as follows.

(1) Self-production support system:
A system that provides some level of support for employees seeking a career change outside the Fujitsu Group.

About Fujitsu

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