Chano Moreno Charpentier has suffered from addictions for many years and has been hospitalized several times. Two months ago, the singer again suffered a stroke and had to be taken to a psychiatric clinic.

“He is currently stable. He is undergoing rehabilitation treatment like no other occasion. It is in the eyes of professionals. Mom is always worried. Today, she devotes herself to her son. This morning, she was commenting with me that everything is under control”He said in the program in May It is over there,

His mother and brother visited him in recent days and shared photos with the former head of Tan Bionica amid his recovery. “Two shots to play, who is there? »Bambi wrote on his Instagram account.

Now Celeste Sid, who had been in a relationship with the musician for a year and a half, has taken the floor and opened up about the artist’s current state of health. Years ago, the actress approached Chano in the midst of a tough time, when she suffered a traffic accident. “I have been with him for a year and a half, he is a good person and he is going through a difficult period. I was afraid that when something happened to a friend, I wanted to make sure he was okay”he said at the time.

On mobile with Implacable, the artist explained whether or not she was communicating with her ex at this critical moment: “I haven’t spoken with him, but I have spoken with his mother, with Marina, I have good memories for a short time. I think what he does to get into this fight is a lot. is precious “started by saying

Celeste Sid and Chano, at their best.

“Mental health laws need to be reformed. Sometimes families don’t know how to act. Sometimes there is a desire to help but if you don’t know where to turn you are left with no recourse, so they have to. bring the possibilities together, especially when these are problems that actually happen in all families, more than one thinks they happen”He added.

“Obviously, I put myself at his disposal, Marina and Gaston Pauls, who are making a lot of effort. I think it will come out. It’s something we owe ourselves as a society.”She is finished, full of hope.


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