The institute welcomed its sixth batch of students, during its orientation week New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsSee) Indian School of Development Management (ISDM), a pioneering organization that creates and strengthens the field of development management development, welcomed its new batch of students for the class of 2022-2023 as part of its Post Graduate Program in Development Management (PGP DM). The institute held its orientation session for the new cohort of students in Noida between August 1, 2022 and August 06, 2022. ISDM shortlisted some of the brightest minds following a selection process rigorous and now has a class comprised of new students and professionals with some experience for the 11-month program.

Orientation Highlights • Students exposed to social entrepreneurship experience facilitated by “Bridge4Change” and “Project Chakra” • Hands-on training to help students realize social sector dilemmas for leaders • Students visited Chintan , a Delhi-based waste management NGO to understand the workings and management of the organization Starting with a strong welcome session, ISDM hosted eminent personalities including Prof. LS Murty, Dean, ISDM, who has a glorious academic background as a teacher in India’s top management schools including IIM Bangalore and XLRI Jamshedpur, Mr. Gaurav Shah, Founder, ISDM, who comes with work experience in the private sector and the space of development in key roles with P&G, and American Express, Mr. Ravi Sreedharan, the Chairman of ISDM Management who has been part of the leadership team at HSBC and has been exposed to the sect social worker as Education Leadership and Management Officer in a well-known social sector organization based in India, Mr. Vijay Mahajan, Co-Founder and CEO of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, and Prof. AK Shiva Kumar , development economist and policy advisor. Speaking at the orientation program, Ravi Sreedharan, the President of the Indian School of Development Management said, “The goal of development management is to have a population-wide impact in a sustainable way. . We believe you will continue to lead social purpose organizations that will benefit broad sections of society. Remember that you will learn the most from people who are least like you. In the coming year and beyond, make a conscious effort to get to know, listen, share, and connect with those who are least like you. “The certification program offered at ISDM is widely recognized by highly reputable social purpose organizations (SPOs). . ISDM alumni work with some of the leading SPOs, research organizations and think tanks across the country and abroad. Speaking at the session, Professor LS Murthy, Dean of ISDM, said: “You have all decided to make a difference. ISDM will support you in every possible way in your journey ahead. The curriculum and pedagogy you will experience here is unmatched. Be open to receiving contributions and ideas from other people, even if they are very different from your own. Mark where you diverge and even where you converge. Speaking at the event, Prof. AK Shiva Kumar, Development Economist and Policy Adviser, said: “Few NGOs or social purpose organizations have been able to achieve impact at scale. . The need of the hour is to strike the right balance between management and development. The objectives of development management go beyond improving management effectiveness. Development management should improve people’s quality of life and enhance their security and freedoms. Established in 2016, ISDM leads the way in building leadership to help catalyze large-scale impact for the social sector. ISDM is a research-led institution dedicated to building a comprehensive ecosystem for development management. We undertake pioneering work to create knowledge, build capacity and nurture the talent development industry. About ISDM ISDM is an institution founded to create, strengthen and establish development management, a field that transcends the exclusive silos of ‘development perspectives’ and ‘management principles’. ISDM recognizes the need to “professionalize” the leadership and management of social purpose organizations (PSOs). The institution believes that the development space requires the application of unique and industry-wide appropriate management disciplines. A management that is not content to re-adapt Business Management to development projects, but which arises precisely from the meeting of two crucial areas.

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