Controversial character Niko “Sneako” had both of his YouTube channels shut down on October 3 after allegedly repeatedly violating the website’s terms and services. For now, the content creator has not been reinstated.

After being banned from Twitter, Niko shared a screenshot of his email on Instagram and the now-deleted photo has been widely shared on social media.

As described in the email, the official reason for the ban is a “serious or repeated violation” of community guidelines as defined by the streaming platform. The ban completely removed his two channels “Sneako” and “Shneako”. Each channel had over 1.2 million and over 800,000 subscribers respectively at the time of termination.

Sneako banned a month after controversial rant

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A recent video by YouTuber “nickisnotgreen” titled “YouTube should ban SNEAKO” was doing the rounds on the internet for a month before the ban. Uploaded September 2, the video accuses the content creator of miming a sexual assault on a creator named Chad Chad for her criticism of TikTok’s “dating guru.”

The video gained a lot of traction after popular streamers such as HasanAbi reacted to it while streaming.

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Watching Sneako show how the designer needs to “s*t” rather than criticize, here’s what HasanAbi had to say:

“Bro, what the fuck is this kid doing, man? Bro, you’re not 14 anymore… This shit is so fucking cringe. Even your conversation is like against you at this point. “

The political streamer almost prophesies he’ll “catch a ban” if he doesn’t reform, much like Andrew Tate:

“That’s crazy. I mean, you’re gonna get banned like Andrew Tate if you keep doing that shi*. That’s crazy.”

A potential reason for Sneako’s ban could also be this video. As the YouTuber who did it clarifies:

“This clip alone clearly violates YouTube’s community guidelines on harassment. YouTube banned creators, even recently for much less. And I think that’s a clear example of a creator now causing more wrong by existing on this site.”

Niko is an ardent Red-Piller who is known for spouting 911 conspiracy theories and was one of the few streamers to actively spread misinformation about the COVID 19 vaccine. Much like Andrew Tate, the YouTuber has also talked about the need for people to wake up from what the manover calls “The Matrix”.

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In multiple streams and videos, Sneako reiterated that mysterious powers in the upper echelons of society are brainwashing people into giving up their autonomy for their own nefarious means. The idea has been widely accepted on the internet, but the biggest problem with the Red Pill movement is how it views women and their role in society.

Her association with Andrew Tate hasn’t done her any favors either, given that the latter has been banned from all major social media platforms. It appears to be following the same path as Tate as TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube have already banned it.

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By appearing on the Fresh and fit podcast after his ban from the Google-owned platform, Sneako reiterated his commitment to the red pill ideology and saw its censorship as a ploy to silence him. Returning to the Matrix theory at around 4:25 in the video above, he said:

“They don’t want you to be smarter, they want you to be weaker, they want you to be dumber, they want to take complete control over you, so any information like this they are actively trying to silence I hope no one else on this panel gets banned as well.”

No new information about Sneako’s ban has surfaced, and the streamer even deleted the email sent by YouTube. While on the Fresh and fit podcast, he lamented that his nine-year-old account was completely deleted from the platform, but was grateful to have a backup.

Fans can still find the streamer on websites like Rumble and Twitch. However, if he continues to actively spread polarizing stories like Andrew Tate, another suspension could be in sight.

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