Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kupwara, Khalid Jahangir today called on all concerned officers to prepare for the complete eradication of plastic waste in Kupwara district and said now is the time to act instead than verbal rhetoric. The DC was addressing a meeting called here today to discuss measures to completely eradicate plastic litter from the neighborhood.

He said that the haphazard dumping of plastic waste on the roadsides is the main reason for the clogging of sewers in cities and markets, causing a flood-like situation during the rainy season and creating inconvenience to the public. and business establishments aware of the harmful effects of plastic waste, adding that until such awareness awakens in society, the administration must act firmly by enacting strict pollution control laws.”

He instructed ADC Kupwara to assemble a joint team of officers responsible for the police, municipalities, Pollution Control Board and revenue services for the proper implementation of pollution control laws and to penalize identified offenders. He asked them to start with cities, large establishments and markets.

The DC asked the head of the District Pollution Control Board to prepare a well-defined presentation at the next meeting, covering all spheres of pollution control measures and the laws under which violators can be penalized. no plastic litter seen along the roads in their respective jurisdictions.

Previously, the DC had carried out a detailed review of the activities of various departments with respect to pollution control measures and had received their comments. He asked the leaders of the municipal committees of Handwara and Langate to plan the execution of the waste management. He ordered EO Handwara to take possession of the land identified for solid waste management.

The DC has instructed CMO Kupwara, Animal Husbandry Officer, Medical Superintendents and the District Sheep Husbandry Officer to strictly implement the management of biomedical waste in the district. Similarly, other agents including Jal Shakti, municipalities, forest, agriculture and related sectors have been tasked to ensure proper implementation of waste management.

The pollution control, metrology and forestry services were called upon to carry out the air quality management plan. The District Mining Officer, I&FC, Fisheries and Forestry Departments have been asked to implement the environmental conditions for the regulation of sand mining.

Reviewing the supply of polythene and tetrapack milk, the DC directed the Head of Animal Husbandry to monitor the quality and quantity of milk marketed by various companies in the district. He was also asked to look into the disposal of milk packaging waste.

The DC insisted on launching a vigorous sensitization campaign to sensitize the population and other stakeholders, including students, on the disastrous effects of environmental pollution, for which the director of education, the district youth coordinator, RDD, PRI and NGOs were invited to play their proactive role and organize seminars, colloquia and debates and other activities.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Kupwara, Ghulam Nabi Bhat; ACP, DIO, DMO, PCB Officer, DSP DAR and other relevant officers attended the meeting.


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