Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont insists the Covid-19 vaccine will not be imposed on any player at his club, saying there is “no social responsibility to have it”.

The Rugby Football League issued a strong statement this week targeting unvaccinated players, saying they have a “material impact” on the sport’s plans for the new season.

The governing body has postponed its decision to reintroduce scrums in order to give players more time to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The RFL Law Committee approved the return of the scrums on the grounds that 85% of Super League and Championship players had been doubly vaccinated as of December 31.

However, vaccination rates are slightly lower than in the two divisions. 80.66% of Super League players are doubly vaccinated, with a slightly higher turnout of 81.71 at the second tier.

As a result, it was decided to postpone the decision until the end of January, just before the start of the two competitions.

Despite the reluctance of some players to get bitten, Beaumont took to Twitter this morning to defend his policy in Leigh.

He said: “Vaccinated players will not be treated any differently from unvaccinated players at my club outright!

“If they live with a family member who is positive, they will isolate themselves with him to protect the spread in our camp.”

Beaumont added that he had no qualms about accepting the RFL’s position and that he admired the work done by the governing body.

In another tweet, he said: “I understand that they are following rules that we will also enforce and add our own safety measures, which means that close contacts who are vaccinated will also have to isolate themselves from the rest of the team to protect her. I’m a fan of @TheRFL they work tirelessly for the game.

Beaumont also claimed that the vaccines were designed more for vulnerable people in society, and not for professional athletes such as rugby league players, adding: “There is no social responsibility in having it. Testing is the only answer to this to reduce the spread. “

Beaumont said: Fit and healthy people don’t need to go to hospital with Covid, treatment is isolated at home!

“It makes sense for vulnerable people to take whatever action they deem appropriate, whether it is vaccination or isolation, there are many activities that take a toll on nhs like smoking etc. unvaccinated people do. not!”


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