The world has gone through a massive transformation after the covid era. Almost every industry and every phase of society has experienced a digital revolution. As the digitization process accelerates to nearly double its pace, how is frontline workforce management coping with these changes?

To dwell on these developments and learn more, BetterPlace is hosting a roundtable, powered by YourStory, which aims to dig deeper into the full frontline workforce management ecosystem and how businesses can leverage of this digital revolution.

Future-Ready Enterprise Platform

BetterPlace is the future-ready enterprise platform that meets all your frontline workforce management needs in one platform. Apart from this, and working effectively with their business solutions, BetterPlace also hosts a free application, directly for its customers, which aims to chart a career path for blue collar workers, helping them find jobs on time full/part-time in their chosen place and to develop them to advance their careers. Through this application, blue collar workers can apply for more than 14,000 vacancies in top companies with lucrative offers.

Thus, aiming to transform India’s blue-collar workforce ecosystem, BetterPlace’s people-centric and technology-driven approach helps organizations achieve operational excellence and empowers individuals to improve their way of life.

This virtual roundtable would also allow stalwarts and industry experts to have an in-depth discussion on the innovations and technological advancements needed to improve overall frontline workforce management.

To hold the April 26 from 4-5 p.m. IST, the virtual round table entitled ‘Is digitization the best option for frontline workforce management? will also address the following topics:

1. How is frontline workforce management responding to digitalization?

2. Innovation and progress for their improvement.

3. The main obstacles encountered and the means of eliminating them.

4. The Future of Blue Collar Workforce Management in India.

5. Various other aspects of the frontline ecosystem and its workforce management.

So, to all stakeholders, here’s your chance to be part of the larger frontline workforce management discussion.

To join and stream the live event


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