BAKU, Azerbaijan, November 24. Members of the Azerbaijani rhythmic gymnastics team perform at a high level, Bulgarian gymnast Tanya Stavreva, who played in the group team, told Trend on Thursday.

The team, which included Tanya Stavreva, won many awards at international competitions, including the “gold” of the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Florence (1986), the World Championships in Varna (1987), the European Championships in Helsinki (1988), etc.

“It is my first time to come to Azerbaijan, and I am very happy and impressed with everything I see here and with whom I meet. The conditions created in the national gymnastics arena in Azerbaijan are aimed at ensuring the work productive from both the coaching staff and the gymnasts,” said the athlete.

She noted that her visit to Azerbaijan was both a business visit and an opportunity to see the country’s capital.

“I heard a lot about the professional and smooth functioning of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, and now I have the opportunity to see it with my own eyes. During the visit, I plan to organize a class masterful,” Stavreva added.

She also noted that she has warm and friendly relations with Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Mariana Vasileva.

“Mariana Vasileva has always had great potential and I am happy that he finds an application for the post of deputy minister. I wish him success in his work,” the athlete emphasized.

Stavreva added that she saw the performances of Azerbaijani gymnasts during their participation in the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Bulgaria.

“Azerbaijani gymnasts are well trained. The performances I saw fascinated me with their choreography and the beautiful costumes of the gymnasts,” she added.


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