WILLEMSTAD – In a press release, Finance Minister Javier Silvania announced that there will be a management team that will manage the Tax Inspectorate as well as the Collector and the Tax Control Office. This team will be responsible for the reorganization and modernization of tax and customs administration.

Silvania will soon announce the composition of this management team. Although not mentioned, this appears to be in line with the recommendations of the recent Curacao tax authorities’ QuickScan.

The first advice, in the short term, is to set up a central control; terminate the current two shifts and appoint a responsible manager”. The office of the Minister of Finance no longer speaks of a single manager, but of a management team for all sections of the tax administration.

The “change of direction”, as Silvania calls it, will come at the expense of the current head of the Inspectorate. No name is mentioned, but everything indicates that it is Jamila Isenia. The Minister “thanked” her for leading the Inspectorate over the past few years.

According to Silvania, she faced various challenges. Like the ever-changing visions and priorities of previous ministers, a shortage of funds and manpower, the fire at the tax office and the consequences of the covid pandemic. “All of this has put a lot of pressure on an organization that is important to society.”

The Minister has asked Isenia to stay and bring his expertise as a “decision inspector”, described by the Cabinet as a very important function for Curaçao’s commercial financial sector. Apparently the reaction of the staff was outraged. The statement makes no mention of the director, Alfonso Trona, and this also applies to director Sherwin Casper of the BAB (Tax Accountants Bureau) Foundation.


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