Dubai, United Arab Emirates – April 26, 2022 – On April 15, 2022, the 2022 first cycle of the HBC International Awards came to an end. The applications received this year are countless and the number of applications seems to increase from time to time. Of the 5,000 documents obtained, only 439 fully met the Harvard Business Council’s criteria. Of these, 63 passed.

The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI) is involved in many sectors, such as energy, mining, water resources, land and sea transport, roads, utilities, housing, building and construction, and the sustainability of investments. It also strives to optimize partnerships, advanced technology and science, and adopt innovative comprehensive solutions to improve the quality of life of society.

He successfully applied for two categories: Green Award, reaching Diamond level, and Innovation Award, reaching Gold level.

The highest status conferred on the Green Award derives from the implementation of a strategic plan to organize, develop and improve the competitiveness of the UAE in all relevant sectors. The MOEI is committed to creating a green ICT strategy to achieve an emission reduction target and control waste through in-depth analysis. Furthermore, it focuses on the development of a sustainable materials matrix to identify and select sustainable and energy-efficient materials and products of maximum durability and maintainability, which come from waste and can be recycled to new in the future and are available locally and regionally, among others.

As for the innovation award, MOEI successfully demonstrated its vision of modernization by presenting the National Smart SME Geospatial Platform. This project helps UAE local funding program analysts make smarter decisions on which SME idea to nurture in a specific region, by providing them with tools to facilitate market planning, site selection and customer segmentation by combining demographic, business, lifestyle and spending data with map-based analysis. Analysts can thus identify underperforming markets, identify suitable growth sites, find where the project’s target customers live, and share the analysis between the funding program and any stakeholder in the form of accurate infographic reports and dynamic presentations. .

The Harvard Business Council believes that the MOEI, as a government organization, is an admirable example of what can be done to respect the environment while allowing the country to evolve and grow steadily. The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure demonstrates that sustainable practices do not slow progress but, on the contrary, add value.

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