I started doing gymnastics in fifth grade and had no support from my parents until my aunt tried to convince them. My parents knew gymnastics had a future and I was a brilliant student learning the sport.

My family always motivated and encouraged me to pursue my dream, but I faced a lot of discouragement from society. In Haryana, women are not encouraged to continue their education after a certain level, and they are considered a burden and married off at the age of 18. But I am grateful to my family, who have always inspired me.

Achievements at the state and national level

My early winning experience in Haryana as a child led me to compete at state and national level. That’s when I learned a lot about myself and my strengths. I had good physical and muscular strength while competing in my state level competition. After my victory, my company slowly changed its outlook on me and my sports and supported me in my participation in national championships.

I was so happy that they started supporting me, which I never thought they would. I had to acquire a lot of strengths for my competition at the national level, and finally, I was a national medalist. The victory gave me a lot of physical and mental strength.

Despite my medal performances in national and national competitions, I was unable to practice gymnastics at the international level because I did not have access to the training and infrastructure of the sport. I am the sole breadwinner in the family as I proudly care for my father, mother and two siblings.

New reality TV recognition

After competing at the state and national level, I always wanted to do something different that could give me recognition among people. I wanted to use my gymnastics talent on any other platform.

That’s when I came across India’s got talent show season 9, where one of the team members wanted stunt girls for their dance. The Delhi team, “Bomb Fire”, wanted me to collaborate with their team, and we were 22 girls in the group. It was a powerful platform for me to show off my talent in front of a large crowd. We thought we couldn’t get there after three or four performances because there were so many talented people. But we gave the best of our level and the judges also started to support us.

People slowly started to recognize our team and we had a lot of supporters. It was our last day and we had to give our best performance to win the trophy. We have become the second runner up of India’s Got Talent Season 9. This moment was a nostalgic moment for me.

Now everyone has started to recognize me. My additional goal is to teach gymnasts who can’t afford it, and I want them to get their right to the sport so they can show their talents to everyone.

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