The National Accountability Bureau has recovered payment orders worth one billion rupees from the management of the Eden Housing Society involved in a real estate fraud involving thousands of people.

According to details, NAB Lahore opened an investigation against the management of Eden Housing Society in January 2019 following hundreds of complaints of cheating, fraud and deception to the public against the management of the company.

However, the number of complaints subsequently increased and when thousands of complaints were received from victims, the scandal was investigated by NAB Lahore and a total of claims worth 13 billion. of rupees was submitted by 11,888 victims during the current investigation.

The NAB spokesperson informed that, in accordance with the instructions of the NAB President, Judge (ret’d) Javed Iqbal, the ongoing investigation into the Eden housing scandal by the NAB Lahore has been accelerated to a logical conclusion .

“In October 2019, the claims of 11,888 victims were included in the referral and a benchmark worth Rs 25 billion based on the last total market value of the properties was filed in a court in Lahore.

“In the reference, [late] Dr Amjad and his wife Anjum Amjad, as well as Murtaza Amjad and Mustafa Amjad have been named principal defendants and according to the reference details, projects like Edenabad, Eden Residencia, Eden Gardens, Eden Gardens (extension) and Eden Villas have been introduced by the Eden administration between From 2008 to 2015 located in Lahore and Faisalabad, huge investments were collected in installments by encouraging the public to reserve land and houses in the name of the aforementioned projects ”, he informed.

The spokesperson further informed that despite the passage of a long period, the administration did not provide land to the victims, nor did they return their homes and investments.

“Likewise, funds were illegally collected from the victims by the administration of Eden even though the land for the projects was not available with them. During the investigation, the accused family managed to escape abroad, ”he added.

Meanwhile, in March 2021, the Lahore Accounts Court ordered the sale of the properties belonging to the accused. The accused, Dr Amjad, had filed a bail application with the Lahore High Court under number 36151/2021.

“On the accused’s request for release on bail, the Hon’ble Court had, on June 3, 2021, ordered the accused and his wife to deposit without further delay 1 billion rupees into the official account of the NAB chairman as surety, “he added.

According to the spokesperson, all properties owned by Eden Housing Limited and its owners still remain frozen by NAB Lahore which could not be sold or transferred without permission from NAB.

“The NAB considers it necessary to clarify that the first priority of the NAB is the interests of those affected and of the public, whose protection will not be compromised in any way. The chairman of NAB and the general manager of NAB Lahore personally monitor all developments of the Eden scandal and also issue orders from time to time in this regard.

However, key developments in the Eden housing scandal were implemented by NAB Lahore in light of instructions from NAB Chairman Judge Javed Iqbal in which, according to the LHC ruling, the NAB initially picked up orders. payment worth Rs1 billion. of the Eden Housing administration ”, he concluded.


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