CAMBRIDGE, Mass., February 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tamr today announced that Old Mutual Limited will be the first financial services company in Africa to deploy Tamr Core as part of an initiative to better serve its customers. By adopting a modern approach to master data management using Tamr, Old Mutual will further embed its “goal-driven technology” philosophy.

Old Mutual is a premium African financial services group that offers a wide range of financial solutions to individuals and businesses in key markets in 14 countries. Old Mutual aims to use Tamr, which leverages human-guided machine learning to curate and cleanse data, to modernize its business practices for the digital age, to the benefit of its customers.

The Tamr Core cloud-native data mastering solution will allow Old Mutual to develop comprehensive customer records and 360-degree views, enabling them to deliver superior and more personalized customer service.

“Understanding who our customers are and what products they use is the cornerstone to better serve them. Using cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and the cloud, we are able to quickly generate the data sets that form of our customers. With this knowledge, we are able to identify other ways to help them grow and protect their prosperity,” said Johnson Idesoh, Chief Information Officer at Old Mutual.

Tamr Core will help Old Mutual significantly reduce the manual work required to identify duplicate records, add new data sources, and connect internal and external data sources. Feeding downstream analytics tools with reliable data from Tamr will provide Old Mutual with the analytics needed to drive business and customer results.

“Accurate data is essential not only to retain your existing customers, but also to attract new ones. We look forward to partnering with Old Mutual as they innovate their approach to master data management and use Tamr to unlock insights that help customers thrive financially.” Andy Palmco-founder and CEO of Tamr.

About Old Mutual Limited
Old Mutual is a premium African financial services group that offers a wide range of financial solutions to individuals and businesses in key market segments in 14 countries. Old Mutual’s main activities are in South Africa and the rest of Africaand it has a niche business in Asia. With over 176 years of heritage across sub-Saharan Africa, Old Mutual is a crucial part of the communities they serve and wider society on the continent. For more information on Old Mutual and its underlying business, please visit

About Tamr, Inc.
Tamr is the world leader in data mastery. We accelerate business results for the world’s largest organizations by powering analytical insights, enhancing operational efficiency and improving data operations. Tamr’s cloud-native solutions offer an effective alternative to traditional master data management (MDM) tools, using machine learning to do the heavy lifting to consolidate, cleanse and categorize data. Tamr is the foundation for modern DataOps in large organizations, including industry leaders like Toyota, Santander, and GSK. Backed by investors such as NEA and Google Ventures, Tamr is transforming the way companies leverage their data. Learn more about

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