Alton Walking Festival was bigger and better than ever – and underlined its reputation as one of the best such events in the country.

Alton City Council has played a huge role in the festival’s success, and Clerk Leah Coney said: ‘As we reflect on its triumph and the epic offering of over 100 rides, 2022 has seen the event successfully take it to the next level in terms of its offering and appeal.

“With walking festivals mushrooming across the country and a number of new ones launched this year, the event has had to diversify and expand its reach to continue to stand out from the crowd.

“To meet this challenge, a new partnership has been formed with South Western Railway to extend the marketing of the event beyond the local.

“Using advertising on the station platform and QR code links, promotion of the event has gone regional this year with advertising extending beyond, with walkers from as far away as Cornwall and a survey of how to put on a similar walking festival from someone in Australia!

“National advertising by inclusion in a national broadsheet as one of the “ten best walking festivals in the UK this springalso gave the event a welcome boost.

“While still advocating for walking to improve physical and mental health and well-being, trying to build our reputation as a destination city for walking and promoting the responsible tourism agenda, the event begins now to have a demonstrable impact on the local economy as participants use local facilities, cafes and accommodation when visiting Alton.

“With some ‘walkie-talkie’ walks around the town center as well as the inclusion of wildlife, trees, foraging, history and heritage walks – as well as the beautiful surrounding countryside offering a plethora of distances and unspoilt scenery within and outside the South Downs National Park – the tenth year of the Alton Walking Festival has really pushed the envelope.

“We hope to have attracted new visitors to the city while keeping our regular supporters inspired by original and varied experiences.

“This year has also seen a new Alton walk your way for local residents who may not have the opportunity to participate in sessions held throughout the month, so they can take on the challenge of completing 100 miles within the month.

“The administration of the festival takes hundreds of hours from Alton City Council officers and of course the event would not be possible without the support of the amazing Alton Walk and our wonderful entertainers and markers. volunteer walk.

“Many thanks to our sponsors, McCarthy Stone and Newbury Building Society and of course our supporters from South Western Railway and Walkers are welcome.

“We hope Alton Walking Festival will support our offering as a destination city for walking all year round.

“As we now turn our attention to welcoming delegates from across the country to the Walkers are welcome Annual Gathering, to be held in Alton in early October, our week-long mini-festival will give us the opportunity to showcase Alton to a national audience as well as our loyal local supporters.


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