PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia Department of Health officials say an indoor mask mandate for public places could return soon.

Currently, the city is experiencing a rapid increase in cases. Officials say that if we continue to follow the current trend, a decision will likely be made on Monday to bring back the mandate.

In a statement released Friday evening, a spokesperson wrote:

“If cases continue to rise and remain above 100, we would likely move to Tier 2: Mask Precautions, which would mean a return to the City’s mask mandate.”

To qualify for Tier 2, numbers must meet two of the three criteria, and they currently do.

The health department says in Level 2: Medium cases per day are less than 225, but more than 100. Currently, Philadelphia is seeing 134 new cases per day.

We are still below 100 hospitalizations, currently at 48.

But the city is seeing cases increase by more than 50% in the past 10 days.

We caught up with West Philadelphia’s George Lakey walking down Kelly Drive on Friday with his mask handy.

He says he continued to wear it despite the lifting of the mask mandate.

“When I get close, I use my mask. On the cart to get here and anytime there’s a risk,” Lakey said.

He says he agrees to bring back the mandate.

“It’s the sensible thing and a lot of people just need that extra encouragement,” Lakey said.

Others like Greg Davis, also from West Philadelphia, say no.

“I’m not happy if that’s the case. We’ve been doing this now for two years. The body is starting to adapt. Society is starting to adapt and now you’re going back to masks? Is it really okay to help?” Davis said.

CHOP’s PolicyLab advised against new mask requirements, saying in a statement, “Our team advises against mandatory masking given that hospital capacity is good.”

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