Helping organizations protect and securely store patient information, which is all the more essential as the adoption of virtual healthcare services continues to increase

TORONTO, May 26, 2022 /CNW/ – PwC Canada, in collaboration with TELUS, has developed a privacy and security standard for virtual care. The standard defines specific privacy and security controls that must be implemented by virtual care service providers that follow best practices. This made-in-Canada was created to build trust in privacy and security practices in the virtual healthcare space.

By following the standard, or furthermore by being measured against it and demonstrating compliance, virtual care providers gain the trust of patients. In alignment with PwC’s global strategy The new equation, which is rooted in investing in a human-led, technology-powered future, and the company’s goal of building trust in society and solving important problems, the standard enables trust and transparency in the virtual health space. This is crucial for healthcare professionals, patients using virtual care, and the private and public sector companies that provide it. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the deployment and use of virtual healthcare. The Canadian Medical Association found only in February 2020, 48% of physicians provided at least one virtual care service; by September 2020this figure has risen to 83%1*

“Canadian organizations were quick to implement digital transformations early in the pandemic, so the public understandably wants to know how their personal information is secure and protected. Meanwhile, threat actors have become more targeted and sophisticated in their operations,” said Jordan ProkopyPwC Canada partner. “While privacy and security are key to building trust in the adoption and use of virtual care, there was a lack of industry-recognized standards to guide virtual care teams, their patients, and providers. other stakeholders. Working alongside industry leaders such as TELUS on this standard has been a breakthrough in addressing these challenges.”

This standard addresses specific aspects for organizations that receive or provide quality healthcare through virtual care services, so that they can better secure the virtual care platform, protect patient privacy and support adherence. and the adoption of virtual healthcare services amid the pandemic and beyond. The standard should promote and inspire patient and citizen confidence in virtual care.

“TELUS is committed to leveraging its innovative technology to drive positive change and protect customer information. This standard sets the standard for responsible data governance practices that protect personal information in a rapidly changing digital landscape. said Pamela SnivelyChief Data and Trust Officer, TELUS. “This important work with PwC will allow us to create meaningful guidance for stakeholders and build trust with patients.”

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SOURCEPwC Management Services LP

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