Modern education aims to provide comprehensive development to help individuals contribute to society. In this regard, the integration of relevant contemporary topics with growing industries becomes important for the program. To achieve this, new areas are explored in terms of management. The MBA in Sports Management and the MBA in Health Management are an integral part of the growing fields. These emerging fields offer various in-store opportunities and can open up great careers for aspirants. Here are some highlights of each of these programs and a perfect answer to why to pursue an MBA in Sports Management or an MBA in Health Management.

MBA in Sports Management

The world of sports offers exceptional opportunities, and the sports management industry is one of the few industries that offers endless opportunities for growth. Some of the highlights of pursuing an MBA in Sports Management are:

• A career in sports management aims to instill a passion for sports with a perfect blend of management techniques which refines students to take on any role in the sports and related sectors.

• The program is organized holistically to adapt to anticipated changes in the future of sports such as e-sports, sports analysis, etc.

• Most of the students who pursue this program take on the role of sports team marketing director. This role provides an active slant towards practical operational application in the field.

• Being a multi-billion dollar industry, the reach of the sports industry is growing rapidly. There are many opportunities available here, and this course allows students to become agents, team marketing directors, sports department supervisors, coaches, fitness center supervisors, team leaders, among many others.

• Students aspiring to be part of the program should have a strong analytical and business-specific mindset. They should also keep an innovative and problem-solving approach towards life.

MBA in Health Management

The healthcare industry is booming and the pandemic has highlighted the need for effective management in the industry. In this regard, some of the key characteristics of pursuing an MBA in Healthcare Management are as follows:

• The growth of the health sector is rapid and continues to grow. Therefore, there is a great demand for qualified professionals in this sector.

• The MBA Healthcare management is designed on an interdisciplinary model in which it will have a broad grip on all sectors and bring a good balance between management sciences, social sciences, medicine and technology.

• The module focuses on experiential learning methods through regular visits to hospitals and social organizations to acquire practical knowledge.

• The program has a global exposure to business management and medical science.

• This program prepares students to strategize effectively and cope with the systems involved in the growth and management of the health system.

• Pursuing an MBA in Healthcare Management opens up employment opportunities for hospital management, hospital administration and managerial positions in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

• The course aims to instill in students the skills to improve internal and external cooperative systems in the healthcare industry.

Why KJ Somaiya Institute of Management for an MBA in Sports / Health Management?

Located in India’s largest metropolis, Mumbai, the KJ Somaiya Institute of Management the campus offers exceptional opportunities and a separate classroom program in sports management and health care management. With industry professionals and academics on board as faculty, the KJ Somaiya Institute of Management campus provides multiple opportunities for a student to enter the industry with a nuanced worldview. Industrial and academic collaborations allow students to shine among the crowd. For the MBA in Sports Management, students benefit from real-time exposure to the industry through collaboration with the Somaiya Sports Academy.

Some specializations included in the global module of MBA Sports Management are advanced sports marketing, sports public relations and journalism, sports media management, strategic brand management in sports, sports manufacturing and marketing, and applied sports marketing research.

Considering that the students of MBA Health Management gain global exposure through collaboration with Imperial College London with elective courses like Epidemiology, Health Services Management, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Management, Healthcare Marketing, Medico-environment legal in health care. In essence, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management provides the best opportunity for students to develop their talents and enter the industry with competent qualities, thus becoming seasoned professionals.

Admissions are open for the MBA, MBA in Healthcare Management and MBA in Sports Management for the year 2022. To apply, click here.

Students applying to full-time MBA programs for the 2022-24 batch must be pursuing or having completed at least a three-year graduate program in any discipline with a minimum of 50% overall marks from any University recognized by (AIU) / AICTE are eligible for graduate studies in management. Students who sit for their final exams in April-May 2022 can also apply.

They must have appeared for the qualifying event, namely CAT 2021 / XAT 2022 / CMAT 2022 / NMAT * / GMAT *.

Applicants applying for the HCM MBA and SM MBA must submit a Statement of Intent (SOP). Profile-based screening will be based on the Form and Statement of Intent (SOP). Candidates must then present themselves to the CA-PI.

* For the NMAT, only the scores of the students’ first attempt will be taken into account.

* GMAT scores are valid for 3 years (from January 1, 2019 to January 31, 2022)

* In addition to filling out our institute form, applicants applying through NMAT and GMAT should select KJ Somaiya Institute of Management as one of the institutes to submit their scores in the NMAT and GMAT application forms / portal respectively.

For more information or for any questions, join [OFFICIAL] KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Admissions MBA 2022-2024.


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