A computer education program for primary school students funded and created by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has achieved international certification and three international awards that are considered in the industry as the equivalent of the “Oscars”.

[email protected]launched in 2016, is a three-year program for upper primary students, aimed at inspiring digital creativity and fostering the proactive use of technology among students.

It offers 14 hours of computational thinking learning lessons per school year in 131 schools and has supported 674 teachers, and aims to benefit around 100,000 upper primary students by the end of 2024.

Yesterday, the program announced that it had recently won two QS Reimagine Education Awards, considered the “Oscars” of the industry.

This saw it beat out 1,350 applications from 84 regions in a race for recognition of its innovative education programs, and won it a silver medal in the engineering and IT category and a bronze medal in the training and teaching in attendance.

In addition to QS awards, the program has also received international certification from the International Society for Technology in Education, as well as high scores in the Education Alliance Finland certification, which specializes in verifying the quality of educational solutions and services.

The news came as China Mobile Hong Kong announced the launch of an “AiTLE x CMHK Computer Lab Design Program” to support science, technology, engineering and math education in schools. .

The telecommunications giant said it was working with the Association of IT Leaders in Education to offer free “IT Lab” design solutions to local schools, covering 5G, smart software and hardware supports, enabling students to explore their potential in STEM learning and innovation in a higher learning environment.

The program will adapt a computer lab for 20 schools to enable them to carry out different STEM education initiatives and innovative activities.

The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education and Innoduction Group will provide designs for computer labs, STEM teaching software, professional guidance, etc., while the association will provide personalized educational guidance to schools based on their needs.

China Mobile Hong Kong will support schools using its strength in 5G and virtual reality technologies.

Elementary and secondary schools interested in the program can apply now.


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