(December 24, 2021) Worcester Prep seniors Brice Richins and Myranda Beebe were honored in a ceremony last month for signing letters of intent to play college lacrosse.

Richins enlisted in Division I High Point University in North Carolina, and Beebe headed for Division III Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania.

Richins, 17, long stick defender / midfielder, grew up playing the sport.

“When you have a student-athlete like Brice who has come up through the ranks of this program here at Worcester Prep, following in the footsteps of his two brothers and just looking at the dedication they’ve had … his own accomplishment really is. what it’s all about today, ”Worcester Prep athletic director Matt McGinnis said at the Nov. 15 event. “He’s been working hard since day one when I coached him with the lacrosse club and at the intermediate level. His dream, his desire was to play in Division I and he worked really hard, in the gym, outside of training, participated in all the good tournaments and events and now he is being rewarded with a great opportunity to play in the Division I lacrosse. I couldn’t be more excited for him.

McGinnis has coached Richins for the past five summers at Coastal Lacrosse Academy and worked with him in Worcester.

“I can’t wait to see him excel at the next level. He will go to an amazing university with an amazing coaching staff, ”said McGinnis. “High Point is definitely on the rise in the men’s lacrosse division and I can’t wait to watch it. “

McGinnis also praised Richin’s leadership abilities.

“One of his best assets is his leadership. He’s very calm but he leads by example 100% of the time, ”said McGinnis. “That will be the impact here at Worcester Preparatory School. He always leads by example.

Richins took a liking to the coaches at High Point before he even visited the school, where he made a trip over Easter weekend last spring.

“It’s a breathtaking campus. It’s nice. I got to watch the training and the intensity with which they were playing and the culture they had, I just loved it, ”he said. “I got there and it was six in the morning, that’s when they started training and the security guard was so excited to be working there. Everyone was like that there. This was where I wanted to go.

Richins, who received a sports scholarship, said he might specialize in business or sports management.

Richins ended his last season playing soccer for Worcester in the fall and is now competing for the basketball team. He looks forward to a final lacrosse season this spring.

“I’m super excited. I want to win a championship. I personally want to be a whole American, ”he said.

In addition to athletics, Richins was on the WPS principals roster during his high school years and was a member of the Charles R. Jenkins Chapter National Honor Society, the Spanish National Honor Society, and the National Art Honor Society.

Beebe, 17, is a midfielder who has been playing lacrosse since the third year.

“There is so much to say about her. I coached her during her two years of lacrosse in college and when I got to college she moved with me so I coached her for the last five years and for six years, ”said the Lacrosse Preparation Head Coach Chris Williams. . “I got to watch her grow up from seventh grade to college. She’s always been a great leader, a great teammate and a great player on the pitch, but watching her mature and grow in her leadership role has been phenomenal.

Williams said Beebe is someone the girls admire for both motivation and encouragement.

“During a game she is always there for her teammates, but also as a player she knows how to play lacrosse,” said Williams. “She can score, she can pass, she can run on the field, she can play in defense, she can do anything.

“I’m going to miss her after this year for sure. She is a key part of our team and she will be our driving force this year, ”he continued. “I know she will be successful. She’s going to a big school, she’s going to compete for the national championships, I’m sure. In Division III, she’ll be a great piece for her varsity team, Franklin and Marshall. “

Beebe liked the atmosphere of the school and the team during his visit.

“I really felt the connection to the family aspect of the team and just the culture of hardworking women who succeed after college and I knew from the moment they started taking care of me as a nobody that was where I wanted to be, ”Beebe said. “It’s a small school. I always knew I wanted a small school. I like the idea of ​​knowing everyone and building these relationships. And it’s a tough academic school, which I was really looking for.

She is considering a major in pre-law or political science.

Beebe, who plays soccer and basketball for Worcester, is looking forward to his final lacrosse season.

“I think we have a lot of new players and it’s just exciting to see everyone growing up as a team. Winning is always good, but seeing everyone develop their love for the game is something I look forward to, ”she said. “I just want to thank everyone who helped me get to this and I think I have a great support system for me here in Worcester.”

In addition to academics, Beebe earned a spot on the WPS School Leader List throughout his high school years and is a member of the Charles R. Jenkins Chapter National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society.


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