The Federal Ombudsman, Mr. Ejaz Ahmad Qureshi, has ordered disciplinary action against the management of the Federal Employees Cooperative Housing Society (FECHS). According to the details, Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed, a resident of Wah Cantt: filed a lawsuit against CDA for not allowing him to build a house on the land he purchased from FECHS in the Jinnah Garden Housing Scheme on the grounds that the land was marked as pledged.

He said he bought a 30×60 plot in Jinnah Garden Housing Scheme through FECHS, but later it came to light that FECHS had mortgaged his land from CDA, therefore he could not build his house. He asked to have his plot released from the CDA but to no avail.

CDA informed that the said plot was mortgaged together with other land by FECHS as development collateral, but due to breach of contract by FECHS, CDA did not return the mortgaged land to the company .

During the investigation, maladministration and a criminal act were proven on the part of the FECHS, because the land of an assignee could not be mortgaged by the company. At two hearings, the representatives of CDA and Circle Registrar Islamabad appeared, but the representative of FECHS did not appear.

Taking serious note of the failure on the part of FECHS management, the Honorable Federal Ombudsman has ordered the Registrar of Islamabad Circle to open an investigation against FECHS for its criminal act as the company cannot sell any mortgages field with the CDA.

The ombudsman also ordered the Circle Registrar to take disciplinary action against FECHS management for failing to appear at the hearing at Wafaqi Mohtasib’s secretariat despite written notice followed by phone calls. The DCO and Circle Registrar were asked to submit a compliance report within 60 days.


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