“Our goal is for Pathway to help minimize dropout rates and maximize the student experience,” said researcher Janna Gasanova.

A new online career guidance tool called Pathway has been launched with the goal of reducing dropout rates from college STEM courses.

The tool was developed by Limerick-based consulting firm Ingenium for high school students to help them choose the right career path.

Students respond to a survey, available on the Pathway website, which uses variables, including their decision-making style and preferred subjects in school, to help them with their career choices. There is a free version of the survey and a paid “premium” version.

Based on their survey responses, students receive a detailed report. This includes an analysis of their decision-making style and personality traits relevant to their career path, as well as a ranked list of 12 suggested courses that would be the best fit for them in higher education.

From there, students can search for relevant courses at Irish and international universities using the career path suggestions provided in the report.

Janna Gasanova, one of Ingenium’s head of organizational psychology and a member of the research development team for Pathway, said: “The period leading up to the graduation certificate, when students start thinking the way forward, can be an incredibly uncertain and anxious time. Our ambition with the launch of Pathway is to provide a resource to make this difficult time of decision making easier, less stressful and more exciting. I believe that students, universities and society at large can also benefit from having students choose the path that is best for them on their first try.

“Our goal is for Pathway to help minimize dropout rates and maximize the student experience. Courses requested through Access Programs as well as STEM courses have higher than average drop rates, and we sincerely believe that Pathway will help address this issue, ensuring that students take courses they will enjoy. and find fulfilling, ”she said.

A 2019 report on course completion rates from the Higher Education Authority found that almost half (45%) of computer science students had not graduated.

Pathway’s service is primarily aimed at high school students, but it also provides resources for career counselors and parents.

Companies are encouraged to get involved in training the country’s future workforce by offering the premium service of Pathway to their employees with high school children, or through community sponsorships.

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