AAfter Suraj Pal Amu gave a derogatory and hateful speech, he was appointed spokesperson for the BJP state unit. After Akhlaq’s murder in the beef cow case, one of the murder defendants died, a central minister (Mahesh Sharma) arrived to put the tricolor on the body of the deceased. When the 8 lynching defendants were released on bail, Jayant Sinha, another central minister, granted them a garland. Not so long ago, when a central minister had the slogan “Goli Maro” pronounced at the hearing, he was promoted to the rank of cabinet. In this context, if one sees the current worrying events of the spread of hatred and incitement to violence, the inaction of the authorities is easily understood. We remember our Prime Minister, quick to speak when not needed, usually kept silent or spoke after a painfully long delay following the murders of Junaid or Rohith Vemula.

Today (December 25, 2021), 5 days after the two disturbing events took place; the silence of our Prime Minister on these questions is very clear and clear.

In the first incident on December 19, Suresh Chavhanke, the editor-in-chief of Sudarshan TV, took the oath of office for young boys and girls. The event was organized by the Hindu Yuva Vahini (founded by UP Chief Minster and Mahant of Gorakhnath Peeth, Adityanath Yogi), was “. “We take an oath and take the resolution that until our last breath, we will fight, die and, if need be, kill, to make this country a Hindu Rashtra”,

At another event in Haridwar, hundreds of saffron-clad Sadhus and Sadhvi gathered for a meeting on “Islamic Terrorism and Our Responsibilities”. It was Haridwar Dharam Sansad organized by Yati Narsinghanand, chief priest of the Ghaziabad temple. He set the tone by declaring: “The economic boycott (against Muslims) will not work… No community can survive without collecting weapons… And swords will not work, they only look great on stages. You must update your weapons … more and more descendants and better weapons can protect you. He gave a bugle blow, Shastra Mev Jayate for inciting armed violence against Muslims. “In another video, Narsinghanand offers 1 crore rupees to young Hindus for to become like the leader of the LTTE, Prabhakaran, when he called on young Hindus to become “Prabhakaran” and “Bhindranwale”

Annapurna Maa, (formerly Poonam Shakun Pandey) secretary general of Hindu Mahasabha said, we need 100 soldiers who can kill 20 lakh of them (Muslims). She added ‘Matr shakti ke sher se panje hain. Phaad kar rakh denge ‘. (the mother power has claws like a lion, will tear itself apart). She was the one who, a few years ago, re-enacted Gandhi’s murder in Meerut and then distributed candy.

Dharam Das Maharaj of Bihar said: “If I was present in Parliament when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared that minorities have the right to national resources, I would have followed Nathuram Godse and shot him six times with a revolver.

These are some examples of what happened in Dharma Sansad. Such meetings were implemented by VHP, which started these meetings following the demolition of Babri. The surprise is that most of the videos are circulating and the police have access to them. But no arrest for the moment.

Those who make such statements which are criminal under our law are very reassured that no action will be taken against them. They know that those in power quietly enjoy their speeches or that such speeches or incitement can be part of post-election planning. What is surprising is that this all takes place at a time when Munwar Faruqui was arrested for a joke he had not cracked. His shows have been repeatedly canceled.

What will be the impact of these remarks on our minorities, who are equal citizens of the country. Fear and intimidation will come to a head. The economic boycott, the threat to life and the intimidation will further intensify the ghettoization, already existing as a serious problem. Disturbed by all these Hindu Jamiat-E-Ulema, Mahmood Madani wrote to Home minster. Can the Minorities Committee take cognizance of it and act? Can the police take the necessary measures apart from filing an FIR against the recent convert to Hinduism, Jitendra Tyagi (former Wasim Rizvi)? And why doesn’t Supreme wake up to find out about Suo moto?

the the world is appalled at this level of hatred and open incitement to violence. Martina Navratilova tweeted that she was appalled. The trends were picked up by the global media some time ago when The Daily Guardian in a 2020 article states that “since achieving every public interest is tedious; point out the flaws of the ruling party which may or may not have religious support and stir up the emotions of the Public in general through continuous hate speech was a trend in the early 1990s and in the immediate years of the second millennium. Hate speech therefore offered a wide scope for democracy in India. There is unrest all over the world because of these incidents in India.

Hatred against minorities is reaching dangerous proportions. What started as a community policy project, Hindus and Muslims in undivided India are now focusing on Muslim minorities. Every opportunity is used to demonize them and the global trends defined by the American media by coining the phrase “Islamic terrorism” have put salt on the wounds of the targeted community. Over the past seven years with the patronage of the BJP government at the center; the process has taken on appalling proportions.

What is needed is for civil society to wake up to this despicable phenomenon. The hatred and violence that are directed against “others” take turns taking consumption from the same community in whose name it is all happening, rather it is all orchestrated by the community flow. All non-BJP parties must come together to make their voices heard and call for action against haters. It is welcome that Rahul Gandhi and many other leaders have tweeted and condemned these comments.

Nothing less than a social movement directed against hate and the promotion of love will help matters. It is time for us to work on the lines of Bhakti-Sufi traditions and on the path of Mahatma Gandhi-Maulana Azad to keep the society and the country in peace and harmony.


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