“Money doesn’t buy happiness” is an old cliché, but it perhaps was said by someone with plenty of money. Nowadays, unexpected expenses, job loss, and a lack of financial freedom can make it seem like money could solve every problem. After all, life could seemingly get much easier without the stress of impending collections or having another night in a row of cereal for dinner.

Having enough cash flow can be difficult for anyone with a bad credit score. Poor financial situations lead to late payments, maxing out accounts, and other threats to a good score. While it can take a while for smart financial decisions to reflect in a credit score, many platforms help users get a loan or a credit card as they build it back up. Unfortunately, it also tells lenders and credit companies that the risk is too high to offer support when times get rough.

With so many cashless transactions nowadays, everyone needs access to money in inopportune times. Too many scams are available in the financial world today, so it is difficult to find companies that help with these problems. In this guide, consumers can see the best short-term options for loans and some credit card companies that can safely offer a second chance.

The Best Short-Term Loan Companies

A short-term loan could be exactly what a consumer needs if they only need funds early for a short time. These types of loans have broad qualification terms, which is helpful for people who don’t have excellent credit. The fees are often disclosed upfront as a flat fee rather than one that incurs interest. Still, the cost is based on the user’s total loan, and the fee might coincide with the user’s credit score.

With so many different options, here are some companies that offer these types of loans online:


MoneyMutual is perhaps the most well-known online loan platform in the industry. With their network, users connect with lenders to provide them with personal loans of up to $5,000 each. The network offers over 100 lenders that provide opportunities for bad credit, installment, or other types of loans, and they’ve been in business for over a decade.

To start the loan request, users need to visit the MoneyMutual website to access all forms. The lenders practically run to the customer’s side to offer their loan options. Users don’t have to go to every website because most of the work is done with MoneyMutual. The whole point of this platform is to get plenty of offers at a rapid pace when they need them the most. Users can access short-term lenders, which is ideal for anyone who wants to get a payday loan to make it easier to handle financial emergencies.

Consumers should be aware that MoneyMutual doesn’t directly loan out any money. Instead, they are a marketplace that collects all of the information needed to get in touch with the lenders required. Plus, their algorithm gets the user in contact with loans that best match their needs. Plus, customers can do everything on the computer instead of speaking with someone over the phone.

After the user chooses the lender and determines the loan amount, they will get access to all of the terms and conditions of the loan. These conditions include details on any fees associated with the loan, allowing users to decide if this loan works for their needs. Always check the interest rates, payment schedule, and the total amount the user will payback. Ensure that the total amount is not beyond what the user can handle. If the terms are not the right match for their needs, they should explore other opportunities that could help.

Cash advance loans are one of the main options provided by MoneyMutual. A cash advance loan isn’t the same as a payday loan because they provide users with cash (instead of electronic payment). Users end up dealing with high-interest rates to secure these loans due to the risk, and they’ll have to pay additional fees on top of the interest.

Payday loans are relatively common, but changing laws in different states have restricted them. A customer can only get this type of loan if their state has legalized it. In this type of loan, the user must pay it back on their next payday, suitable for individuals who may need emergency funds before they usually get paid. However, that is the agreement for the cash advance loans too.

To get any of these loans, users have to provide their checking account number, allowing the money to be deposited once approved and withdrawn on their next paycheck. Installment loans could better match individuals who need more time to pay.

Installment loans require scheduled payment times, allowing the user to set up when each payment is. Users need a checking account for these payments too. However, each installment may require interest, so users should pay attention to other fees.

Individuals who want a loan for their bad credit can benefit from MoneyMutual, but they should know that many companies will do a soft pull on their credit. Others may use the applicant’s monthly income to determine if they are eligible. Bad credit loans tend to have a higher interest rate than others because of the risk involved, and individuals without a job might not get this type of loan.



CashUSA is another loan marketplace, connecting users with lenders without going to multiple websites. The network is much like MoneyMutual, providing information to different lenders who might work with users’ needs. Individuals who want a better selection of lenders could get what they want by shopping CashUSA’s options.

Instead of filling out multiple applications, users fill out a single form on the website, allowing CashUSA to handle everything else. It only takes a few minutes to prepare the document, and there are no credit checks involved. If the user has bad credit, they might have to pay an interest fee. The loans range from $500 to $10,000. The starting interest fee is 5.99%, though it won’t exceed 35.99%.

Users who want to get a cash advance get the option of multiple lenders, making it easy to see which plan and amount will work for their financial concerns. With the communication with numerous lenders, users won’t have to seek out other lender websites to apply to each one. Plus, the lenders will show what states the lenders will loan in. Payday loans can be tricky in some areas, but CashUSA helps.

The online form will prequalify the user using the last four digits of the user’s social security number, zip code, and birthday. The website is entirely secure, so users won’t have to worry about the safety of providing this information. The entire process should be easy for customers, which CashUSA seeks to achieve.

Once the information is filled out, the user clicks the “Get Started” button to complete a form. At this point, users will have to add more of their secure information, including their proof of income and work details. Users will also have to provide their driver’s license number before getting their loan offers.

Every loan is different, so users will need to review the terms to determine if the recommendations are a good solution. The user will have to connect with the lender to find more information and wait for the approval. Typically, users receive their funds in about one business day.

Qualification with CashUSA is straightforward, even if the user has bad credit. The reason that so many people go for the CashUSA options is that the services are free. Users will have to deal with the fees associated with the lenders, but CashUSA doesn’t charge the user on their platform. Make sure that these rates are wholly understood before officially applying.

These loans are only available to individuals in the United States.

To qualify, users must be at least 18 years old and have a monthly income of no less than $1,000 per month. This income can be in the form of self-employment, pension, or government benefits. Users must also provide the website with an email address, phone number, and checking account details.

Though some websites only offer loans for specific purposes, users’ money from CashUSA can be used for whatever they want. Still, individuals should plan for repayment ahead of time to prevent an overwhelming financial situation. Though a cash advance can help, a loan is best when only used for a necessary expense that would put the user in a dangerous circumstance without support. No one needs to go into debt over the desire to shop so that the right plan can make a difference.

The Best Bad Credit Lenders

While some circumstances require users to get funds quickly, individuals who have a little extra time might consider an installment loan instead. These loans are often a little more costly than a cash advance, and their interest rates are lower.

As soon as the installment loan goes into the user’s bank account, users can cash it out and use it exactly how they need it. Though the total time for deposit generally depends on the bank, only 24 usually pass between approval and deposit. Here are a few lenders that could help with these needs.



BadCreditLoans focuses on helping consumers when all other options have been exhausted, which usually is the case for individuals with a poor score or credit history. The tagline – “We help when others can’t” – is a way to demonstrate exactly what the company aims to offer any participants.

The installment loans don’t have to be used for any particular purpose, which is the case with many different options. This marketplace doesn’t loan out the money directly, but the platform connects users with other lenders who offer these services.

The platform connects users with lenders for free, and users have to fill out the application to find out what they qualify for. Their services have been available for quite some time, allowing users to get these loans as they need them since 1998. These decades of experience have kept the company in business for quite some time. Their services come from state lenders and Tribal lenders alike, though the latter specifically operate on sovereign land. Essentially, their rules and regulations will differ from the federal government’s policy. The interest rates on their loans can be pretty high, which users should consider when they secure them. Read the full terms to make sure that users understand any conditions regarding the fees and interest.

With BadCreditLoans, consumers have access to an Education Center on the website. This Education Center explains the loans that borrowers can access, like auto loans, student loans, and personal loans. The portal also shows users what to expect from companies trying to perform scams, which is typical for anyone who wants to take a cheap shot at someone who already struggles with their credit.

On the BadCreditLoans website, users have personal loan options available. While these types of loans can be used for anything, it is always important to consider whether these funds are necessary to spend. There’s no point in going into debt without a plan to pay it back. Individuals need to have a score of no less than 500 if they want to get a loan of $1,000 or more.

To qualify for one of these loans, users must be 18 years old. They also need a steady income, including payments from the Social Security Administration, self-employment, unemployment, disability, or traditional employment. The website will ask the customer to provide their checking account nu amber, an email address, and proof of citizenship in the United States. Some companies require a home phone number to get in touch.

With just four steps, users can easily access their total loan amount. With these personal details, users should be able to review their loan offers and pick the one that works for their particular needs.



PersonalLoans, another lending network, coordinates loans between lenders and borrowers, and they’ve been doing so since 2017. Based out of Utah, users won’t find any loans directly from PersonalLoans because everything is done with a third-party brand. Like so many others, the service is entirely free, and users with excellent or bad credit can find out their best matches at no cost. Plus, users only have to take the loan if it matches their needs, even though they’ll get the full details on every loan option from the start.

With competitive rates, users can find a company that works for their particular needs and budget. The funding doesn’t take very long to get to the user’s account, so users should only wait one business day to be deposited with any lenders. If the user isn’t happy with the terms or doesn’t understand part of the agreement, it is easy to reach the lender directly. The platform also connects users with lenders that are easy to contact.

On the PersonalLoans website, consumers can learn about other issues that can impact their loan, like bad credit and tax loans. Users can also learn about debt consolidation, educating themselves on details to guide them to a healthier financial situation.

Part of the reason that so many people use the services offered with PersonalLoans is the incredible customer service provided. The team is available on weekdays from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm PST, though they won’t be able to explain anything about the user’s loan. Instead, the lender should be contacted for any of those concerns.

Users must be at least 18 years old to qualify for a loan. They also need to submit their social security number and prove their citizenship in the United States. This company only allows users to get a loan if they are currently employed (or self-employed) full-time. Users can also qualify with their Social Security benefits or disability payments, as long as their checking account is available for deposits.

Though this platform helps individuals with bad credit to get the necessary funds, they cannot have any recent charge-offs, past-due accounts, or bankruptcies in their credit history.

Cash Advances Using Credit Cards for Bad Credit

If a personal or installment loan is not the right option for consumers, they may consider getting a credit card. Procuring a credit card may seem impossible for someone with bad credit, but a few cards are meant for this purpose.

Surge Mastercard


Surge Mastercard advertises itself as a traditional credit card with a low limit for users to build their new reputation. Even though any credit limit can help consumers, it can be good and bad. The perk of the low limit is that it allows users to start by building up the responsibility of paying off their card every month. Still, the limited funds also mean that users can’t use them for more expensive emergencies.

This card comes with a $0 fraud liability, meaning users won’t be responsible for unauthorized purchases. Plus, as users consistently pay the card, their new payment history is reported to three major credit bureaus. Users can get cash advances for a 5% fee, calculated by the total amount like a regular credit card.

Users with all types of credit can qualify for the Surge Mastercard. Users with bad credit should consider this card if they need access to funds when they need it, and approval comes with a minimum limit of $300. This small limit is still highly beneficial for applicants with bad credit, allowing consumers to bring up their credit scores.

Don’t expect to get extra benefits for using this card. It is meant to offer a credit limit that doesn’t come with points or miles. However, users will only incur a 3% transaction fee if they use the card internationally. The disadvantage of this card is the annual fee, which can be as high as $99. The APR is up to 29.99%, so users should pay off their balance every month.

Indigo Platinum Mastercard


The Indigo Platinum Master Card provides users with a way to both get access to a consistent credit limit with the option of a cash advance. These cash advances come with a 29.99% interest rate, and the withdrawal can be made at any ATM, though a fee will apply. For the first year, users don’t have to pay a fee. However, the fee goes up to 5% or $5 (whichever is more) after that point. Though it is missing a lot of the typical benefits consumers want from a credit card, consumers can get fraud protection to ensure that they aren’t responsible for any charges they didn’t make.

Even with the cash advance fees, the Indigo Platinum Mastercard is still a good option for anyone who wants to continue building their positive credit history, supporting their credit score. Repaying this credit card every month will keep the fees minimal (if they even exist), and it will slowly improve the user’s credit history and score.

With this card, users can purchase Mastercard Identify Theft protection, which watches for any problems associated with their social security number, email address, passwords, etc. Plus, the company offers a customer service team available on weekdays from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PST.

Though there is sometimes an annual fee assessed, individuals may be able to get out of this charge the first year. However, with a poor score, the annual fee could be as high as $99. Users can find out if this card is good for them by filling out the prequalification form, which won’t impact their current credit score.

Use Your Cash Advance with Care

No matter what company is chosen for this type of financial support, the essential part of any loan is to follow through with using it correctly. If necessary, check with a budget to ensure that paying back the loan is possible ahead of signing the terms. The price that consumers pay for a cash advance can add up over time, and not paying them back only adds to the cost.

Anyone who takes out a loan should read the agreement provided thoroughly. Understand every fee and every exception that could impact the payments, focusing on any dates that the user needs to remember along the way. If the cash advance comes from a credit card, users should know about any interest rate or limit on the amount they can advance from their account. Some accounts require the user to get a PIN to make a withdrawal.

If, for any reason, the user feels uncomfortable with getting the loan at this point, they should consider other ways of getting the temporary funds they need. Putting in extra hours at work or speaking with a loved one could be more accessible and leave the user with no risk to their credit history.

Get the Money You Need

Almost every transaction is made digitally nowadays, so having a debit card or credit card is necessary. There are kiosks nearly everywhere to perform these transactions, and everyone has financial needs that they have to meet at inopportune times on occasion. Still, no one has time to wait when cash is the only way to go.

Poor credit should not be why someone cannot get the help they need. It can be a significant roadblock, but the opportunities above ensure that anyone can get help when they need it. To avoid getting involved with more debt, always plan to pay back the loan safely and quickly. Try a top loan company above today!

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