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“Very good” rating from Interseroh+

95% cyclos-HTP score

Tokyo – June 23, 2022 – Toppan (TYO: 7911), a global leader in communications, security, packaging, decorative materials and electronics solutions, has been recognized by German recyclability rating bodies Interseroh+ GmbH (Interseroh+) and Institut cyclos-HTP GmbH (cyclos-HTP) for superior packaging recyclability with a mono-material composition developed using GL BARRIER, a proprietary film offering world-class barrier performance .

Toppan’s prototype high-barrier laminate tube with a mono-material composition of polypropylene (PP) using GL-BP, a PP-based grade from GL BARRIER, for the tube body received the highest recyclability rating of “Very good” from Interseroh+. A flexible bag made of the same material, meanwhile, obtained a recyclability rate of 95% by cyclos-HTP.

With these GL-BP-based mono-material packaging being recognized for their outstanding recyclability by third-party organizations, Toppan will now seek to transition from development to commercialization and launch sample shipments by March 2023 for content requiring performance. high-level barriers, such as food, toiletries, and certain medical and pharmaceutical products. Toppan aims to drive the global expansion of more eco-friendly mono-material packaging, targeting 20 billion in total sales for related orders in 2025.

Based in Cologne, Interseroh+ is one of Europe’s leading recyclability assessment companies and operates the only accredited research center in the European Union focused on the development and analysis of recycled plastics. In June 2018, Interseroh+ started the assessment and analysis based on its “Made for Recycling” standard. Toppan’s mono-material PP high-barrier laminate tube prototype with GL-BP body received a high score from Interseroh+ due to its sortability for recycling and suitability for high-mechanical recycling, obtaining the “Very Good” distinction, the highest of the six classifications.

Based in Aachen, cyclos-HTP is a renowned European research institute specializing in classification, assessment, certification and R&D in the field of product packaging and recyclability. cyclos-HTP has awarded Toppan’s mono-material PP soft pouch prototype using GL-BP a 95% recyclability rating in recognition of the ease of sorting and the proportion of recyclable resources used.

Toppan released its medium-term plan in May 2021, announcing target figures for business action set to incorporate elements of the SDGs into the management strategy. Toppan has also set out its goal to become a leading company in providing solutions to social issues worldwide by realizing its vision of “Digital (DX) and Sustainable (SX) Transformation”. Toppan aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by providing DX and SX solutions that respond to the rapidly changing society and global environment.

One of Toppan’s SX initiatives is TOPPAN S-VALUE® Packaging, with which it aims to contribute to a better society and a fulfilling and comfortable life through packaging that offers more value and to provide solutions that contribute to reducing environmental impact and driving a circular economy. These efforts include manufacturing and selling mono-material packaging that leverages GL BARRIER and its world-class barrier performance.

The excellent recycling performance of Toppan’s mono-material packaging is now recognized in Europe, and Toppan will continue to work on both improving corporate value and creating a sustainable global society.

For more information on Toppan’s mono-material packaging, visit https://www.toppan.co.jp/living-industry/packaging/english/products/mono-material_flexible_packaging/

About TOPPAN S-VALUE® packaging

With TOPPAN S-VALUE® Packaging, Toppan aims to contribute to a better society as well as a fulfilling and comfortable life through packaging that provides more value. SMART LIFE-VALUE packaging® brings value to people, SOCIAL-VALUE Packaging® generates value for society, and SUSTAINABLE-VALUE Packaging® creates value for the Earth.

People / Packaging SMART LIFE-VALUE®
Solutions that work as a means of communication to maximize the customer experience. Toppan offers optimal value for various aspects of everyday life, enabling smooth shopping, efficient storage, tasty food preparation, easy disposal, safety, peace of mind, and more.

Company / SOCIAL-VALUE Packaging®
Value-generating packaging and services that help support business operations by improving supply chain efficiency, increasing productivity, optimizing sales and providing solutions to large-scale challenges.

Earth / SUSTAINABLE-VALUE Packaging®
Solutions that help reduce environmental impact and create a circular economy. Toppan offers packaging using recycled plastic, mono-material packaging that improves recyclability, and packaging using plant-based materials such as paper and biomass plastic.

Website https://www.toppan.co.jp/living-industry/packaging/english/sustainability/

About Toppan

Established in Tokyo in 1900, Toppan is a leading and diversified global supplier committed to providing sustainable and integrated solutions in areas such as printing, communications, security, packaging, decorative materials, electronics and digital transformation. Toppan’s global team of more than 50,000 employees delivers optimal solutions enabled by industry-leading expertise and technology to meet the diverse challenges of every industry and society and help achieve future goals. shared sustainable development goals.

For more information, visit https://www.toppan.com/en/ or follow Toppan on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/toppan/.


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