Searchlight Security and Omniscope Announce Partnership

PORTSMOUTH, United Kingdom, Feb. 22, 2022 / — Two British cybersecurity companies Searchlight Security, the provider of specialist deep and dark web surveillance products, and Omniscope, the intelligence and investigations company digital threats, announced a partnership that brings next-level threat intelligence to enterprise customers and law enforcement agencies. Solution combines Omniscope’s Smarti3 Intelligence platform for open source threat intelligence from the web, including deep web social media, with Searchlight Security’s DarkIQ and Cerberus products for web monitoring and investigation deep and dark.

Omniscope’s Smarti3TM digital intelligence platform provides all the workflow and database tools needed to capture and manage information from web-based sources to facilitate investigations and provide security analysts with insights about the threats needed to protect their organizations. By adding Searchlight Security’s deep and dark web surveillance capabilities, this intelligence is extended to the criminal underground. DarkIQ, for example, allows companies to create bespoke threat profiles from information gathered from the dark web, identify potential risks, and take recommended remedial action. For law enforcement and those who need deeper investigative capabilities, Searchlight’s Cerberus is the world’s leading deep and dark web intelligence platform that can monitor suspicious activity and help bring criminal actors to justice.

“Partnering with Searchlight Security was a natural fit for us as we are both UK companies with similar philosophies and business trajectories,” said Andy Jones, CEO of Omniscope, co-owner of the Omniscope business with Marcus Di -Vincenzo, a military veteran. “The Searchlight suite of products complements our mission very well with Smarti3TM, enabling us to provide an enhanced service proposition to cover Clearnet, Deep and Dark Web threat intelligence to both of our customer bases.”

Omniscope and Searchlight’s joint solution is available now, providing enterprises and law enforcement agencies with next-level threat intelligence that supports the full intelligence cycle, from collection, analysis and dissemination on the clearnet, the deep and the dark web, without neglecting anything. Reports and recommended actions are also provided to help analysts and investigators take the most immediate corrective action.

Dr. Gareth Owenson, CTO of Searchlight Security, co-founder and global expert in deep and dark web research, said: “Criminal groups frequently sell access to corporate systems on the dark web. Ransomware groups buy this data and then launch ransomware attacks against organizations that can be utterly crippling or even bankrupt the business. One of the most overlooked areas of proactive cybersecurity is monitoring the dark web for corporate credentials, mentions, even exposed IP addresses or ports discussed by the criminal underground. By performing this monitoring consistently, organizations can detect these early warning signs of access to their networks being sold and ultimately prevent the ransomware attack altogether. »

Basically, this type of intelligence can help organizations detect the warning signs of a cyberattack and is designed by intelligence professionals for intelligence professionals. With both companies founded by former military and cyber defense professionals, there is an implicit understanding of how analysts and law enforcement must connect the dots to extract meaningful and actionable intelligence on the threats.

“The combination of Omniscope’s Smarti3 OSINT/SOCMINT capabilities and our deep and dark web surveillance products provides the most comprehensive and comprehensive threat intelligence solution on the market,” said Ben Jones, CEO and co. -founder of Searchlight Security. “We look forward to creating new revenue streams from customers old and new through this partnership and flying the flag for UK cybersecurity companies.”

About Searchlight Security
Protecting society from dark web threats. Searchlight Security has a proven track record as the world’s leading provider of deep and dark web intelligence and tools, protecting society against dark web threats. Recognized by the world’s most advanced government agencies and companies; allowing them to go further, faster and deeper into the dark web. Our proprietary technology delivers actionable data that was previously unobtainable, delivering insights, situational awareness and awareness to help our customers stay ahead of the curve.

About Omniscope
Omniscope is a provider of digital threat intelligence software, covert investigative services and an online OSINT training company. Many Omniscope team members come from a former military intelligence and/or law enforcement background. Based in the South West of England, Omniscope provides a diverse range of services to public and private sector clients, particularly in the areas of law enforcement (serious crime teams and against terrorism), financial crime, cyber threat hunting, insurance fraud. and intelligence and protection services for physical and digital private customers.

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