August 26, 2022, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK/000063.SZ), a leading international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile Internet, hosted the 5G Advanced Industry Development Summit in Beijing, to share advanced 5G technology innovations and achievements with industry partners including China Mobile, Qualcomm, Sky Limit Entertainment, China Transport Telecommunications & Information Group, China Huaneng Group, China Coal Information Technology, Ansteel Group, etc.

ZTE has made solid progress in advancing technological innovation and network evolution, proposing a system framework called “1+2+3”, which means one set of core technologies, two “genes” and three domains. evolution goals, including extension, improvement and efficiency. . Exciting advances in technologies such as Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) and the latest generation of Radio Composer can help deliver much improved user experiences for a variety of new and improved services, over much greener and more capable cellular networks with a better sustainability for both business and the environment.

Ding Haiyu, Vice Dean of China Mobile Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech titled “Accelerating 5G Advanced Industry and Deepening Society’s Digital and Intelligent Transformation” at the conference. China Mobile is committed to building the world’s largest 5G quality network, facilitating the digital transformation of the economy and society, advancing 5G technology and standardization, and nurturing industry ecosystems. . China Mobile highlighted ten key technologies in three main areas, including the outstanding network, intelligent simplicity and high-efficiency greening of 5G-Advanced. The major advancements and achievements shared by Ding Haiyu included 5G+XR, space-sky-earth integration, cloud-network-computing application integration, energy saving, and more. China Mobile will also continue to work with partners to push infrastructure upgrade and collaborated industry innovation to create a more sustainable future with 5G-Advanced technologies.

“With the help of core technologies and artificial intelligence, the performance and efficiency of the 5G network can be further improved, and more and more new use cases can be further developed,” said Bai Yanmin, vice president of ZTE and general manager of RAN products.

During his speech, Mr. Bai Yanmin presented various achievements, including the field trial of intent-based orchestration and the computing power of Radio Composer 2.0, an uplink rate of 1.4 Gbps and sub-4ms end-to-end latency by a single carrier. with sub-band full-duplex prototype verification and RIS (Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface) dynamic beam coordination with the base station to improve network coverage and user experiences, and the perfect bit/watt curve for networks greens.

At this summit, ZTE, Qualcomm and Beijing Sky Limit Entertainment, as well as the China Mobile Research Institute, signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Innovation and Cooperation for Metaverse. This MOU aims to advance XR innovation and commercialization, so as to improve the effective matching between wireless networks and commercial development, and make the development of the industrial chain more sustainable.

5G has become a new driver of industrial digital transformation. At this conference, Deng Wei, deputy director of the Institute of Wireless and Terminal Technologies of the China Mobile Research Institute, hosted the launching ceremony of the “World’s First 5G NTN Technology Field Trial”. “, and shared the joint efforts of China Mobile R&D Institute, ZTE, CTTIC and Beijing Mobile, to realize 5G NTN satellite communication. He also presented the results with four places in the peloton.

China Mobile and ZTE have developed large capacities in 5G industrial cloud base stations for its capacity improvement and commercialization. In this conference, the 5G industry 1.0 cloud base station improvement capability showcase further released the strong technological innovation and implementation of both parties in the 5G industrial field.

5G enables the digital transformation of heavy industries such as coal mining and steel industries. Wang Fuqiao (Chief Expert of China Huaneng Group Clean Energy Research and Development Institute), Huang Shaojie, (Chief Expert of China Mining Information Technology Company and Director of Application Division of Coal of CCIT) and Vice Dean of Beijing Research Institute of Ansteel Group, presented the collaboration cases and achievements in this conference as partners.

At the end of the conference, a roundtable forum focusing on “5G-A-driven ecosystem development” was hosted by Liu Qicheng, Editor-in-Chief of Communications World. Authorities such as Hu Nan, deputy director of China Mobile’s Wireless and Technology R&D Institute, Wang Xinhui, vice president of ZTE and responsible for wireless standards and industrial relations, Gao Lu, technical director of the Qualcomm’s standardization team in China, and Yang Guang, Director of Strategy Analytics SPG, discussed and shared views on 5G-A industry expectations, progress and goals, as well as news opportunities and challenges in the meta-universe. They all agree that 5G-Advanced is not just an evolution of communication technologies, but a key driver for new consumption, new businesses and new use cases, to help the digital transformation of industries and our society.


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